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The seedless melon has literally no reason to exist. It violates the first rule of life: procreation. It lives to die. It lives to be consumed. It lives to serve humanity. And because it is such an evolutionary dead end, its fate is entirely bound to the fate of humans.

The same goes for bananas.

Animals weren’t spared from this human engineering. Cattle are crucial to our modern society, be it for meat, for labor or for milk. But few know that the wild ancestor to all modern cattle, the Auroch, actually went extinct a long time ago. But its domesticated descendants live on, forever chained to humans for their survival. Natural selection has selected the Auroch right into our cattle pens.





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Women didn’t cut their hair because they accepted it as much a part of their bodies as their breasts. Meaning some women primped and prettied it as much as they could, and some thought it an obstacle to be worked around.

Bobbing hair didn’t become fashionable until there was a way to make it distinctly feminine (permanent waves, Bakelite barrettes and bobby-pins, make-up to balance the sex appeal)…or at least coy and boyish, as was the style of the 20’s. And it wasn’t popular until there were national movie stars to make it socially acceptable (the humiliation of Bernice Bobs Her Hair by Fitzgerald is actually a great quick fictional study into the trend…not everyone could carry it off).



てボーイッシュなものでした。そして国家的な映画スターが社会的に受け入れさせるまでは人気がありませんでした。(フィッツジェラルドの映画 Bernice Bobs Her Hairの屈辱は流行させるためのとても簡単な架空上のいい例でした、すべての人がやったわけではないですが。)

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Mr. Zucman said his research suggested that officials should step up those efforts.

“It’s very striking in the sense that these multinational companies, they are the main winners from globalization. And they are also those who have seen their tax rates fall a lot,” Mr. Zucman said. “This means that other actors in the economy, they have to pay more in order to take up the tax burden.”

Mr. Zucman said the results should cause policymakers to rethink their efforts on several fronts. They suggest, he said, that advanced countries are underestimating economic growth and undercollecting corporate tax revenues, because they are missing the profits that have been shifted on paper by multinational corporations.




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