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Prebound books are paperback books that require reinforcement for use in a library. Contemporary paperback books are bound with a cardboard or paper cover, and their pages are bound with glue instead of staples or stitches. Paperback books are cheaper to manufacture than hardcovers, but they are not as durable. Hardcover books require less reinforcement for use in libraries. Usually, a new dust cover can be added to the hardcover book to preserve it for frequent use by library patrons.

Library binding is the process by which prebound books are reinforced for use by patrons of a library or book-lending system. The pages of paperback prebound volumes are sewn in place where only glue held them together before.




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We have some questions wanted to ask you:
1. pls tell me the packing method?????
2. About the item code 310008 and 310009
you need 10 pcs iron for 310008 and 15 pcs iron for 310009???
So the total pieces are 1250 pcs, however the price that we quoted you only included 2 pieces of iron.
therefore you will have to pay us some fee for 1050 pcs.
At the moment we are asking for price of each, so I inform the total fee later.
I hope you could understand our points!
Many thanks!

Pls confirm the black iron for 310008 and 310009 as below
Pls see the red line, and could the tolerance be 2mm??
Hope to hear from you soon




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Per your note, I'll hold the order to ship complete once the diffuser caps arrive. Right now we do not yet have a PO showing in the system for the next shipment so 10/30 is an estimate. I will void the hold on your credit card so funds are not tied up. We have a CC# ending in 6141 on file to use at that time or you may contact us at any time to update with the full # ending in 5307 as we do not have access to the info captured online.

* Please note the estimated ship date is noted on the attached order confirmation.

* Please review your order carefully and respond within 24 hours with any changes. If we do not hear from you, your order will stand firm and will be scheduled to ship as it stands.