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Designed for Growing Businesses

Conyac translates a broad variety of media including websites, games/apps, and white papers. We can handle not only standard business documents and manuals but also specialized items such as contracts, thesis, and technical content.

Ico game
Game & App Translation
Ico news
Public Relations (PR) & Investor Relations (IR) Translation
Ico book
Books & eBook Translation
Ico web old
Website Translation

What are Conyac Business translations?

Conyac is a crowdsourced translation service with over 30,000 translators worldwide. Through crowdsourcing, Conyac can offer affordable, fast translations of emails, website localizations, and more.

【Available Languages】
Japanese, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, French, German, Spanish, and many others.
※Please feel free to ask about our other available languages for translation.

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Specialties of Conyac Business translations

Topic 3

Translation requests are handled around the clock, 365 days a year.

Conyac’s services are conducted over the internet, allowing our translators from around the world to handle translations requests any day of the year.

Our global translators quickly translate, allowing for prompt deliver of your request.

Topic 2

High level translators and our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Website translation requests are only available to our higher level translators.
All of whom are bound by our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), assuring you a secure translation and peace of mind when requesting.

Topic 4

An affordable and safe translation service

At US$0.015 for one character, are rates are roughly one fifth of our competition. Our rates remain the same, even for rarer languages such as Thai or Indonesian.
In addition, it is possible to provide discounts and special offers when calculating your estimate.

Topic 5

Cut your work in half with Registered Glossary Function (implementation pending)

Due to the fact that websites are frequently updated, Conyac will be offering the Registered Glossary Function.
When first requesting your home page translation you may register a list of proper nouns and set phrases, saving you the trouble of making specifications the next time you have a request.

Topic 6

Multiple functions and options available

We offer multiple feature and options for your translation requests. From allowing you to assign a favorite translator from a previous request, to requesting a double check in order to assure the highest quality translation.

Topic 7

Invoice payments

We can handle invoice payments for translation requests. Please feel free to inquire.
(Invoice payments available for requests within Japan only)

In just four easy steps, a high quality translation will be ready for you.

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Price List

We provide an appropriate estimate and pricing plan to meet the needs of your company.
Price 2

Please feel free to inquire for a complementary estimate.

Pricing per character
Original language Pricing of translation Option's Pricing
Double Check Premium Request Translator arrangement
Japanese, Chinese, Korean ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
For English and other languages not listed above ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
※ Please feel free to inquire about the price and date of delivery.
General translation price list
Original language Translated language Translation price per character Option's Pricing
Double Check Premium Request Translator arrangement
Japanese English ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese French ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese German ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Spanish ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Korean ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Chinese (Simplified) ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Chinese (Traditional) ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Thai ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Indonesian ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Japanese Vietnamese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
English Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Korean ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Chinese (Simplified) ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Chinese (Traditional) ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Malay ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Thai ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Vietnamese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Indonesian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English French ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English German ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Spanish ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Italian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Russian ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
English Arabic ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
German Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
German English ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Spanish English ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
French Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Chinese (Simplified) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Chinese (Traditional) Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Korean Japanese ¥6 ¥6 ¥3 ¥3
Indonesian Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
Thai Japanese ¥1.5 ¥1.5 ¥0.75 ¥0.75
※ Please feel free to inquire about the cost of languages not listed.

Three ways to make translation requests

Icon direct

Request directly on our website

The online Conyac system is set up to accommodate clients. You may post your translation request yourself, which will save you the cost of our handling fee.

Icon conyac

Go through a Conyac agent

Send us the files you would like translated and we will take care of the rest.
(This option incurs a handling fee)

Icon api

Use an API for your request

By using ConyacAPI it is possible to incorporate Conyac’s functions into apps or websites, making transferring content into foreign languages simple.

Multiple Language Translations? Leave it toConyac

We will get back to you within three business day.
For clients with an urgent business please call with your inquiry.