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Thank you for the payment. Unfortunately, we are being charged by PayPal, and we must begin adding 4.5% to your orders to cover these fees. With the low dealer prices, we are not able to cover additional fees charged by PayPal. I apologize for the inconvenience.

You may also check one other thing on your PayPal account, which may save the fees. When you send a payment, there is a checkbox for Goods or Services. If you do not check this box, it should not charge fees. Please try this next time and hopefully it will not add fees.

Please find your invoice attached. We will prepare your order and email you tracking upon shipment, as usual. Thank you!





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sorry, but in invoice I sent you, it said CFR Kobe and you didn't tell me to change, so I book the trip to Kobe.Everything is done, I can not change it.it's impossible now.I think even the trip arrive on Osaka in the morning and on Kobe in the evening, but it's Sunday so it's don't waste your time.

Because you didn't mention to change the port from Kobe to Osaka in the invoice I sent you, so I book the trip to Kobe already. And it's impossible to change now.
You have to receive the cargo at Kobe or if you can't, please tell me to cancel everything right now. And I really don't want to image if it happen, what's going next.


恐れ入りますが、お送りしたインボイスではCFR Kobeになることが記されており、変更の希望は聞いておりませんでしたので神戸への出張を手配した次第です。準備は全て整っていますし変更は出来かねます。日曜日の午前中に大阪、午後に神戸に到着予定ですので効率的なスケジュールだと思います。


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Monthly installment platforms are not a new concept for Chinese startups. Fenqile, one of the contributors to this investment, is a Chinese student micro-credit site that allows buyers to borrow small sums of money for consumer electronics, paying them off in monthly installments. The company recently announced a strategic investment from e-commerce giant JD.com this May to offer monthly installments to its customers.

WeZebra’s services now covers three Chinese cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, and they are planning to expand to Guangzhou and Shenzhen later this year. According to the company, some members in the team hail from Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba. The company is founded by post-90s CEO Ping Dong.



現在Wezebraのサービスは北京・上海・成都の3都市をカバーしており、今年後半には広州と深圳への拡大が計画されている。同社によると、この計画に携わるメンバーの複数がBaidu・Tencent・Alibaba社の元社員だという。創業者は90年代生まれのPing Dong CEOである。

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Strictly speaking, TunnelBear for Chrome isn’t a VPN, though it does offer VPN-style features. The new Chrome app is actually an encrypted proxy, which means it’s limited to activity within your browser rather than cloaking all activity on your machine — so if you want all Internet activity to be shielded, with encryption taking place when the data leaves the computer, then TunnelBear’s Windows or Mac app is what you’re after.

TunnelBear for Chrome uses Google Chrome browser’s encryption, AES 128-bit, whereas its VPN products adopt a stronger AES-256 encryption.



このTunnelBearによるChromeの新機能はGoogle Chromeブラウザーの暗号化技術AES 128-bitが使用されている一方、彼ら独自のVPN商品にはより強力な暗号化技術AES-256が採用されている。

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On the free plan, you receive 500MB of data per month to play with, which will get you pretty far if it’s simply emails and general Web browsing. But if you’re streaming video, then it would probably garner you around 45 minutes.

However, users can “buy” an extra 1GB worth of data simply by tweeting out a promotional message on behalf of TunnelBear.

If you’re a dedicated anonymous Internet user, you can commit to a monthly installment of $4.99 which gets you “unlimited tunnelling” on 3 devices. Or you can pay $49.99 for the year and get the same thing, while saving 17 percent off the monthly equivalent cost.

So who is using TunnelBear, and what, exactly, are they using it for?






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The VPN debate

It’s true that people use VPNs to circumvent geo-restricted content. So, someone in the U.S. or France or Zimbabwe could crank up TunnelBear to watch BBC iPlayer, an online TV catchup service normally reserved for British TV licence fee-payers. And such circumventions have caused tensions between some of the big online entertainment companies.

Last year, it emerged that Sony might just be a little hacked off with Netflix for not being tough enough on those who use VPNs from around the world to access its content, even though they still have to pay to use it.



人々がVPN製品を利用する目的の一つとして、アクセスが制限されたコンテンツの地域制限をくぐり抜けられるということが挙げられる。例えばアメリカ、あるいはフランスやジンバブエにいる人でもTunnelBearを使えばイギリスのオンラインテレビ視聴サービスBBC iPlayer(本来は英国内に住むBBC受信料支払い者のみが利用可能)を海外にいながら視聴することが可能になる。そのようなことが大手オンラインエンターテインメント会社の間に不安をもたらしている。