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All the US manufacturers and us use a 5/8 forstner drill (15.8 mm) for made the bolt hold in each shape. Do you can tell me how many milimeters have the heat bolt that you use? The same bolt use in the gyms and schools in Japan? The t-nuts accept milimetric bolts, standart bolts or both?

We are ready for made around 50 new molds of small and medium shapes and want made a new molds of old shapes and I want comsiderate your problem, so you dont need work in the bolt hold. So I think will be great have some of your bolts and t-nuts with me for review the holds that ship to you.

You help me a lot if tell me the diameter of the heat bolt in milimeters. ASAP.


貴社でご使用のヒートボルトのサイズが、何ミリか教えて頂けますか? 日本では同様のボルトが、体育館や学校で使用されているのですか? T溝ナットには、極小のボルト、又は、スタンダードのサイズのボルト、又は、その両方を使用しますか?

新しく約50の小形と中形用の型を製造する準備は出来ておりますし、古い形の型を新しく製造したいとも思っております。 又、貴社の問題点を考慮したいと思っておりますから、ボルトホールドに関してはご心配に及びません。


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The Shooters Fork is lightweight, streamlined and comfortable enough to be worn from the first sound of the whistle to the last buzzer.
Its innovative design and flexible material gives you the freedom to dribble, pass and shoot.
Everyone loves to play basketball -- whether alone, in a pick-up game, or on an organized team. It's really fun when you score points. But if you can't shoot, you can't score. Your grip on the basketball is critical when it comes to shooting. The shooting fork , control the aim of your shot. The wider the fork, the more control. The Shooters Fork helps to ensure that you have the proper grip before you release the ball. Simply place the bands over your index and middle fingers .


The Shooters Forkは、軽量で、流線型にデザインをされ、開始時の笛の音から、終了時のブザーが鳴るまで快適にご着用頂けます。この画期的なデザインと伸縮自在な素材と使用する事で、ドリブルや、パス、シュートが簡単に出きる様になります。

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The winter passed, and in the spring of 37 Antonius sailed with a large fleet from Athens to Italy. Once again he found that Brundisium would not admit him. Not that he had either the desire or the pretext for war, but he was in an angry mood. Once again for the benefit of an ambiguous partner he had to defer the complete pacification of the East. Caesar's heir journeyed to the encounter, taking a varied company that included Maecenas and L. Cocceius Nerva (still perhaps a neutral), the negotiator of Brundisium, also the Antonian C. Fonteius Capito and a troupe of rising poets. Pollio was not present. If invited, he refused, from disgust of politics. Resentful and suspicious, the dynasts met at Tarentum.


そして、Brundisium が自分の事を良く思っていない事を、思い知った。戦争をしたいという意志やその理由を言う訳ではないが、怒っているかの様であった。曖昧な相手に利となる事柄を説き、東の講和条約を結ぶ事を、又も、延期しなければならなかった。シーザーの相続人は、Maecenasや、(現在も中立の立場でいるかもしれない)L. Cocceius Nerva、Brundisiumの交渉人、そしてAntonian CFonteius Capito, 前途有詩人の一群などのお供を連れ、遭遇の場所に向かった。

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Once you have the amount given to you by your credit card company, please reply to this e-mail with the amount of the authorization that was placed upon your card and we will be able to approve and ship your order right away. The random authorization will also be deleted at this time. (If your credit card account is not in USD please indicate the currency of your account.)

This random authorization amount is something that only the holder of the card would be able to gain access to. For this reason it is the most secure way to verify your identity and protect the integrity of your credit card. This is also a very simple process and is designed to cause you as little inconvenience as possible.


お使いのクレジットカードの会社から、お客様のお支払いの金額が表示されれば、お支払いの金額の確認をする事ができますので、その後、このメールにご返信下されば、ご注文の商品をすぐにお送り致します。 今回に於いては、こちらからのカードでのお支払い金額の認証を省きます。 (お客様のカードでご使用の通貨が米ドルではない場合は、お使いの通貨の表示もお願い致します。)


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1.How quickly will I see the results of treatment?
Most clients experience few cm of reduction in circumference after a single session, with increasing results after each visit.
The results may vary with different tissue structure, treatment area, age, metabolism, medications, and changes in hormones.
Proper diet and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain the results.
Between 8 and 12 sessions, you will be able to appreciate the results from the third session on.

Dear user ,
Thanks for using our company's products,in order to fully make use of the products ,
we sincerely suggestion follows:



1, このトリートメントの効果は、いつ現れますか?

殆どの場合、1回の通院で直径2,3cmの大きさの除去が出来ますが、通院を続ける事でより大きな部分の除去が出来ます。 結果は、皮膚の構造、治療をする場所、年齢、メタボリズム、お飲みになっている薬、ホルモンの働きなどにより、個人差があります。 食事や運動なども、治療の結果に多大な影響があります。8回から12回の通院で、結果がはっきり解る様になるのが、3回目の通院以降からです。


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In the recent years, Luxembourg is driving extensive programs promoting their country to the foreign businesses and organization, encouraging international collaboration and supporting innovative projects. Successful steel, finance and high technology industry, strategic position in the heart of Europe, low tax rates and high quality of life make the tiny country one of the greatest places to work. It also boasts an ultra-modern data center park with low latency connections to major European Internet hubs. Luxembourg has a lot to offer to any organization that is ready to expand their business in Europe. And we witnessed their enthusiasm at ICT Spring.


ICT Springに於ける催しで、その熱意をご覧頂けるでしょう。

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There is a danger, it is true, that the relations of Cicero and Octavianus may be dated too far back, interpreted in the light of subsequent history, and invested with a significance foreign even to the secret thoughts of the agents themselves. Cicero had first made the acquaintance of Caesar's heir in April. Then nothing more for six weeks. In June, however, he recognized that the youth was to be encouraged and kept from allying himself with Antonius; in July, Octavianus became a fact and a force in politics. Events were moving swiftly. In his account of the reasons that moved him to return, Cicero makes no mention of the Ludi Victoriae Caesaris and the consequent breach between Antonius and Octavianus.


キケロとOctavianusの関係は、あまりにも長く、その後の歴史のハイライトとして解釈され、さらに仲買人の内隠された考え方を探る事にさえ、外部の者に委任した可能性があり、危険があったという事は事実である。キケロは、4月にシーザーの相続人と初めて知り合った。その後、6週間以上何の音沙汰もなかった。 6月には、その若者が奨励を受けるべきだと思い、アントニウスと同盟を結ばなかった。7月にOctavianusは政治上に於ける実際の力を持つ様になった。事柄は、迅速に動いていた。彼が復帰するために移動する理由では、キケロはルディVictoriae Caesarisの事や、アントニウスとOctavianusのその後の不和に関しては言及していない。

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