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When we inform to government, the information they agreed is we import 4 kinds of food additive from Bbb co.,ltd. Now we import from Aaa with different address, they won't agree. So we have to tell them that Aaa and Ccc is the same, you changed from Aaa into Ccc.
We also inform them that 4 kind of food additive is Oct-a, Oct-b, Oct-c, Oct-c and also the bag design. We can change the bag design. But if we want to change the names, we need to inform them as new products, take the same time and money as we did for 4 food additive before.

If the government don't stamp, please try with your signature for the notification of changing name and address first.


私たちはまた、4種類の食品添加物が、Oct-a, Oct-b, Oct-c, Oct-c であること、バッグのデザインも通知しなければなりません。しかし、名称を変更しようと思うと、新しいものとして通知する必要があり、以前4種類の食品添加物の時と同じように時間とお金がかかります。

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High quality service provided by Wondlan :

The company will be responsible for 1 year free warranty for malfunction due to product quality under normal use . Customers should provide Wondlan product warranty card and product bar code .

If the product has quality problem within 1 month from purchase date , the company will be responsible for free repair and pay transport freight that product shipped to the customer ( the company will not be responsible for transport freight that product shipped to Wondlan ) .
Our company will be responsible for free repair but not responsible for all transport freight including insurance if product has quality problem more than 1 month from purchase date .


ご購入から一月以内に品質上の問題が生じた場合、当社は、無料で修理し、お客様への送付にかかった運送費用(製品がお客様からWondlanに 送付された場合の運送費には責任を負いません) を支払う責任を負います。

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The company provides lifetime maintenance services for produce that over one year free warranty :
(1) Free charge for repair man-hour
(2) Free Debugging
(3) Free Maintenance
(4) Replacement parts only charge materials cost

Note :
1. For Wondlan product than over one year warranty needs maintenance , please contact and conform with Wondlan customer service in advance .
2. The Company does not responsible for all transport freight including insurance .

The following situations are not included in the free warranty declaration :
1. products damaged due to disassembly without authorization of Wondlan
2. products damaged due to not following product instructions , improper storage or usage .



1 1年保証を超えたWondlan製品の保守については、事前にWondlanカスタマーサービスまでご連絡及びご確認ください。
2 保険料を含むすべての輸送費については、当社は責任を負いません。
1 Wondlanの認めていない分解をしたことで製品に生じた不具合
2 製品説明書に従わず、不適切な保管や、使用方法により生じた製品の不具合