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I ordered and paid for a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with 180mm. The item arrived and it is very clearly a Mamiya RB67 with a 180mm which is also not as shown in the picture. The waist level viewfinder is also marked RB67 and the roll film holder is the older version than the one indicated in the picture. In short, I paid for an RZ67 Pro II and received a completely different product. I do not require a refund as I do want and need an RZ67 Pro II with 180mm blue ring lens. Therefore I simple ask for the correct items to be dispatched to me immediately, as follows: RZ67 Pro II camera RZ67 Pro II waist level finder RZ67 120 roll film holder additional caps and dark slide holder and containers as shown on original picture


私が注文して、お支払したのはMamiya RZ67 Pro Ⅱ 180mmです。届いた商品は、明らかにMamiya RB67の180mmで、写真とは違っています。ビューファインダーの胴体中央部にもRB67と表示されており、ロールフィルムフォルダーも写真にあったのより古いバージョンです。つまり、RZ67 Pro Ⅱを買ったのに、まったく違う商品が届いたということです。RZ67 Pro Ⅱ 180mmのブルーリングレンズが欲しいので、返金は求めません。だから、直ちに次の正しい商品を送ってください。
もとの写真にあった、RZ67 ProⅡ カメラ RZ67 ProⅡ ファインダー胴体部分はRZ67 120 フィルムフォルダーの追加キャップとスライドフォルダーと付属品 

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(none arrived with camera)
It is essential that the correct equipment is dispatched immediately and marked as a gift for nil value - I will refuse any customs charges as I have already paid these on the original package received, which SHOULD have contained the goods I paid for and for which we entered into contract. Once I have confirmed receipt of the correct goods and all are as described in the original listing and pictures, I will then return the original items. I will only return the original items AFTER receiving the correct (as paid for) replacements and the seller will be responsible for my return postage. Please remit funds to cover postage via PayPal or arrange collection by courier.



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The bad news (for sellers) is I like these so much, I promised myself I would stop looking for any other razors. My search is now substantially complete. Worse (for sellers) I can now start liquidating my own collection of razors that have proven less satisfactory for personal reasons.


I am disappointed as I was very interested in this beautiful piece of tamahagane as a display piece, not only for it's high quality, but also for its beautiful appearance. But I realize that given the situation it would be much more difficult to try to return the items and redeliver them to the correct locations. Therefore, thank you, yes, I accept your generous resolution to this problem.