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He acted both as a Chairman and an Editor at various TV standards committees, and led the world’s very first Mobile DTV deployment. He has a unique expertise to lead Expway’s product and sales strategy. Claude did his MSc in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ, US, and holds a PhD from the University of Paris VI.

Before joining Expway in 2002, Stephanie was a Senior Consultant at ARTHUR ANDERSEN, specializing in risk consulting for financial services. At Expway she has successfully managed the financial growth of the company, to reach double-digit numbers. Stephanie holds an MBA in Audit and Management Control from the Management Institute of Paris.


彼は、様々なテレビ基準委員会で議長及び編集者として活動し、世界のまさに最初のMobile DTVの展開を指揮した。彼は、Expwayの製品と販売戦略を率いる固有の専門知識を持っている。クロードは、米国ニュージャージー州のStevens Institute of Technologyでコンピューター・サイエンスの修士課程を学び、パリ第六大学から博士号を得ている。

2002年にExpwayに加わる前、ステファニーはアーサー・アンダーセンで上級コンサルタントをしており、金融サービスに向けたリスク・コンサルティングに特化していた。Expwayで彼女は会社の財務面での成長を首尾よく管理し、二桁成長に達した。ステファニーはManagement Institute of Parisで監査・経営コントロールにおけるMBAを取得している。

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Thierry has overseen many mergers and acquisitions during his career, both as an investor as a manager of a company. He founded an IT consulting company, bought an industrial company, managed its LBO and sold it to a NYSE listed Dover Inc. His experience from both sides of the boardroom table has proven to be a great asset to Expway. Thierry holds a MSc from ENSTA.

In his role as the CTO he manages the development team, as well as is in charge of the technology and innovation portfolios of the company. He also follows the standards activities and has filed over 60 global patents that are now used in various standards. Cedric holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Paris VI.


ティエリーは、そのキャリアにおいて投資家、そして企業の管理者の両方の立場で多くの合併と買収を扱ってきた。彼は、ITコンサルティング企業を設立し、事業会社を買収し、そのLBOを管理し、ニューヨーク証券取引所に上場するDover Inc.に売却した。取締役会の会議テーブルの両方の立場における彼の経験は、Expwayにとって大きな資産であることを証明している。ティエリーはENSTAからMScを保持している。


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Clinical Efficacy on Hair Loss
Test Protocol

30 volunteers with androgenetic alopecia (average age 46)

no iron deficiency anemia, no thyroid related conditions or any other possible pathology
Must had 200 hair on the treated zone & 70% in anagen phase

15 treated with the Capixyl™ lotion (5%) and 15 with a placebo
Formulation composed of water 75% and alcohol 20%

Once a day application at night time of 20 drops of the Capixyl™ leave‐on lotion or
placebo for a period of 4 months

A digital trichogram (TrichoScan professional) was taken at D0 and 4 Months.
‐ Quantification of number & the growth of hair in anagen & telogen phases
‐ Quantification of the variation of number of hair after 4 months

How to perform TrichoScan





Capixyl™ ローション(5%) 15とプラシーボ15を処方


- 成長期と休止期の毛髪の数と成長の定量化
- 4か月後の毛髪の数の変化の定量化

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I informed Ebay that I was not going to return the watch because I may have not followed the instructions properly for winding the mechanism. I reviewed the manual and the watch kept better time after proper winding technique was used only (losing 2-5 minutes /day instead of 5-10). I hoped the watch would keep better time after that, however it now completely stops after winding (within 5-20 minutes). Since the time to return the watch has expired according to the Ebay instructions I asked for help from Paypal and they filed a case to resolve the issue of the defective watch. I will contact them to find out how they want me to proceed with the return.



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・Eighty percent of Muslim immigrants make a living from income as employees or being self-employed.
・Thirty-four percent receive the Abitur or Fachabitur (the diploma qualifying pupils for university admission), 22.3 percent finish intermediate secondary school (Realschule), and 28.8 percent finish secondary general school (Hauptschule). Collectively, this means that 85.2 percent achieve a school qualification needed to enter Germany’s diversified job market.
・Only 1 percent of Muslims in Germany can be considered part of the Islamist milieu.

Businesses owned by the foreign born have
become an important component of the German
economy over the past 15 years.




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The Reality of Muslim Integration
Reviewing the structural, cultural, and social integration quantified in academic studies of the past six years makes clear that the integration of “Muslims” in Germany is far better than often assumed:
・More than 50 percent of Muslims are members of a German association; a mere 4 percent are only members of an association affiliated with their country/culture of origin.
・Ninety-five percent of all Muslim boys and girls take part in coed sports and swimming classes at school (even as media reports might lead the public to believe that most Muslim parents are keeping their girls separate).