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One contribution to the world made by the British,and the English especially,has been the invention of many spors. But how the UK countries and Ireland are represented internationally in the main team sports is complicated, as you can see in the table below.
It's even less clear than the table suggests because every few years all the rugby union nations get their players together in one team called the Lions to go on tour and play other countries.
But such harmony is almost unthinkable in football.All the nations insist they keep separate teams.
Never have all four countries qualified for the World Cup finals, however, so their divition no doubt makes them weaker.



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Since your order was shipped on July 10 using our lower cost USPS First-Class Mail option, we aren't able to track the package at all once it leaves our fulfillment center. The typical estimated shipping time is 7-21 business days (not counting weekends or holidays). Since customs may add further delays to shipping, we don't consider a package to be lost until it's been in transit for more than 30 business days.
As of today, your order has only been in transit for 6 business days. If it doesn't arrive by August 20 (the 30th business day), please let us know and we'll be happy to issue full store credit for the order including the original shipping fee.



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Thank you for your message

Please contact the delivery company Yourself at their phone number, as indicated in your message. You will realise that this number DO NOT exist. This is what Chornopost told me over the phone. So HOW can I schedule the delivery of a package that does not exist, according to Chronopost ?

Also, please note that the delivery company did not leave a message in my mail box indicating that nobody was home when they tried to deliver. Based on my experience with Amazon and chronopost  this is what they should have done.

Overall, I am very disppointed with the quality of service.
This knife is a GIFT to be given this Tuesday morning.

I thank you in advance for your efficient action.
Best regards,








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The interval of a year carried off three, Ser. Sulpicius Rufus, Trebonius and Cicero, without notable accessions-Hirtius, Pansa and Dolabella had fallen in war, and the consul Q. Pedius succumbed early in his tenure of office, stricken by shame and horror, it was alleged, at the proscriptions which it was his duty to announce.If the three dynasts be excluded, the surviving consulars now numbered twelve at the most, probably less. P. Vatinius celebrates a triumph in 42 B.C.; a Triumvir's uncle, C. Antonius, becomes censor in the same year; then both disappear.Two honest men, L. Piso and L. Caesar, lapse completely from record. Philippus and Marcellus had played their part for Caesar's heir and served their turn:


一年の期間がSer. Sulpicius Rufus, TreboniusそしてCiceroにとって特に顕著な功績もなく過ぎてしまった。Hirtius, PansaおよびDolabellaは戦に破れ、又、最高執政官のQ. Pediusはどうやら自身が宣告の任務を負っていたプロスクリプティオ(追放や死刑の宣告)で羞恥と恐怖に苛まれて、任期が始まってすぐに屈服した。三人の皇帝を除くと、生き残った最高執政官は最多でも12人か、おそらくそれ未満であった。P. Vatiniusは紀元前42年に勝利を祝い、TriumvirのおじのC. Antoniusは同年に監査官になり、その後共に行方不明になった。実直であったL. PisoとL. Caesarの二人も歴史上から消え去っている。PhilippusとMarcellusはCaesarの後継者のため役につき、任務を果たした。