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This is a really nice silver case. It is large, at 5-3/4" by 3-1/4" inches. The condition is excellent, with no dents or scratches. There is a monogram on the front, some people like them as is, or you could have it removed (A jeweler nearby quoted me at 30$ for removal!). The silver patina is perfect, with the little dimples in the design that got darker with age, and gives it such a nice look. The inside of the arm that holds the cigarettes is in perfect working order, and it is marked Tiffany & Co, Sterling on the back. The case closes with no problems. It weighs 125 grams. Great gift idea!


これはすごく良い銀のケースです。5 3/4インチかける3 1/4インチで大きいです。状態は素晴らしくて、へこみや傷などはありません。正面にはモノグラムがあって、そのままの状態が好きな人はいますが、あるいはそれを取り除くこともできます(近くの宝石職人により除去するには$30もかかります!)。銀の錆びは完璧で、そのデザインには小さいえくばがあって年をとると黒くなるので、良い外見が与えられます。 タバコを持たすためのアームの内部は完全に動作できる状態で、後部にはTiffany & Co.とSterlingが付けられました。ケースは問題なく閉まります。重さは125グラムです。プレゼントとしてすごく良いです!

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Hi parumeru-jp,

Here's what just happened:

You opened an eBay Buyer Protection case for LEGO Eiffel Tower 10181 Brand New 100% Complete Never Before Used LEGOs Eifell.

Here's what you need to do next:

Try to work things out with the seller. If you don't hear back by Nov 04, 2012, you can escalate this case to eBay Customer Support.

What you should know:

This case will automatically close on Nov 25, 2012 if the case is not escalated.

Details you've provided:
Problem: The item is not as described
You have already contacted the seller through eBay Messages
You paid on Oct 14, 2012
Problem: Other
The seller has not responded to you
The seller isn't working with you to solve the problem




あなたは「LEGO Eiffel Tower 10181 100%新品・一式・使ったことのないLEGOs Eifel」のeBay購入者保護事件を始めました。






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The original junk plastic shroud these watches come with has been replaced with an aftermarket aluminum one that is very desirable and obviously will not crack like all the plastic ones do. I am including the original plastic one with the sale, but it is cracked and not really needed as it has been replaced with the aluminum one. I also am including the instruction booklet that is seen in the pics. All of the functions work but occasionally the light function requires a harder push and the pusher is a little sticky so it comes back out a little slow, but that is not every time and like I said, it still functions. Often if you can find one of these, some of the functions do not work.


腕時計に付いている元のガラクタでプラスチックのシュラウドがアフターマーケットでのアルミの方に置き換えられ、それはとても望ましいものでプラスチックの方のように割れません。 元のプラスチックの方も販売に含むが、割れていてそしてアルミの方に置き換えられたから必要がありません。写真に見られる取扱説明書も含みます。全ての機能は動いているが、時々ライトの機能がより強い押しが必要です。またプッシャーは少し粘着が付いていて戻りが遅くなるが、毎回起こることではなくてそして私が言った通り全ての機能は動いています。 しばしばこういう腕時計を見つかると、その機能が動きません。

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In the second decade of the twenty-first century, networks continue to be defined by their stable topology represented in an image or graph. Peer-to-peer technologies promised new arrangements absent centralized control, but they still rely on stationary devices. Mobile phones remain wedded to conventional network providers.

Instead, the combination of peer-to-peer with mobility enables a new concept of an information transfer infrastructure that relies on fluid, temporary, ad-hoc networks. People and devices are at once implicated as mobile nodes in this network (known in computer science as a sneakernet).