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- Posted at 04 Nov 2020 at 13:14
I visited you school for introducing the school on 17 October in order to have a look at you school after hearing the daily school life and classes from your existing student. After looking at your classes, and listening to the president addressing, I felt I would like to enter the school.
We can experience international relationship with not a lot of students not possible in existing Japanese schools much. Also imagining students with global point of views enjoying lively school life, and I appleid this for my children to study in this environments.
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- Posted at 04 Nov 2020 at 13:13
As I would like to listen to life in school and classes from xx in your school, and introduce the school, I visited meeting of explaining the school on October 17th. I saw the class in person, and listened to the principal, which made me feel more that I want to enter the school.
We can experience communicating with other countries that we can hardly experience in other schools in Japan. The classes are held by small numbers.
I imaged that the students with global mind spend life in the school energetically. Therefore, I decided to apply by thinking that my child can learn in this environment.
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- Posted at 04 Nov 2020 at 13:16
As per advice provided from the almunae, Mr. OO regarding the normal school life and classes offered, I was very much interested in paying a visit to your school so I participated the school briefing held on Oct 17. As I was able to see the actual class rooms as well as the school master's speech, my desire to be enrolled to your school became stronger.
The school offers a small group of learning environment and an experienece of international exchange which is not commonly seen under Japanese educational system. Also, imagining a school life scene where students with global mindset spends lively school life motivated me to have my child apply for your school to learn in this excellent environment.
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- Posted at 04 Nov 2020 at 13:14
I heard from a current student at your school about your school's daily life and classes and I visited the school information session on 10/17. After seeing the classrooms and listening to the principal, I was even more excited to enroll in the school.
Because of the small class size, students can experience international exchange, which is not often possible in traditional Japanese schools. Also, imagining students with a global point of view spending their time at school with a lively school life made me think that I would love to have my own children learn in this environment.

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