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- Posted at 03 Dec 2018 at 13:48
As all the suppliers in Japan have been working fully, the shortest delivery period are from June 15th for A and July 15th for B. As we are asking all the containers to supplier, it is difficult to make shorten the delivery period under the current condition.

I have a suggestion. Do you accept material of the container made of Chinese material?
(They are equivalent to SUS304 and A182F304, but are made of Chinese material.)
we accept mill sheet, but is the one made of Chinese mill sheet.

If you agree to the Chinese material, we can deliver it within the period you request. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
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- Posted at 03 Dec 2018 at 14:47
Since all suppliers in Japan are full capacity, the earliest delivery of A will be 6/15, of B will be 7/15.
Since we requested all containers to the supplier, it is difficult to shorten the delivery time at this time.

Then, this is a proposal. Is it OK if the packaging material is Chinese-made?
(SUS304 equivalent and A182F304 equivalent are Chinese-made)
Though we received the mill sheet, it will be the mill sheet of Chinese-made material above.)

If it is Chinese-made material, we expect to delivery it by the desired delivery time. Could you please understand about it?
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- Posted at 03 Dec 2018 at 13:48
Under the circumstances where the domestic suppliers are fully occupied, the shortest delivery would be 6/15 for A and 7/15 for B.
We have requested the suppliers to take care of all the containers, pulling in the delivery schedule is difficult at the moment.

So, here is our proposal. Would it be okay to use Chinese material for the container?
(SUS304 equivalent and A182F304 equivalent items will be of Chinese)
We will receive the mill test report, but it is of the aforementioned Chinese materials.

Your kind understanding would be highly appreciated since delivery within the preferred period is likely to happen with the Chinese materials.
Thank you.
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- Posted at 03 Dec 2018 at 13:52
The shortest delivery time for A is June 15 and for B is July 15 as all the Japanese suppliers reached their maximum capacities.
It is not possible to shorten the delivery time as we procure all the containers from the suppliers.

With that said, would it be okay if the material of the containers is from China?
(the equivalent for SUS304 and A182F304 is made in China)
We will have a mill sheet but it is going to be a mill sheet for the Chinese materials above.)

We wish to seek your understanding as we will be able to deliver by the requested delivery time if we can use the Chinese materials.
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- Posted at 03 Dec 2018 at 13:53
In Japan all suppliers are fully occupied and the shortest way to ship will be on 15 June for A and 0n 15 July for B.
As we asked all containers to the supplier,in the present situation, it is difficult to shorten for shipping.

There we would like to ask you is the container's material all right with Chinese?
(equivalent of SUS304, equivalent of A182F304 in Chinese material)
We will accept mill seat, but it will be the above Chinese mill seat.

As we can ship them within the due date if the material is Chinese, please understand it.
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- Posted at 03 Dec 2018 at 14:00
As all suppliers in Japan are working at capacity, the shortest delivery date will be Jun. 15 for A and Jul. 15 for B.
Since we ask the suppliers to prepare the containers, shortening the delivery date is difficult in the current situation.

Therefore we have a suggestion. Is it fine to use materials from China for the containers?
(they correspond with SUS304 and A182F304 but they are from China)
We will receive the Mill Test Report, but it will be the report of the materials from China as stated above.

We can deliver them by the desired due date if we use materials from China. Thank you for your understanding.

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