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It's back! In English, but now with Japanese subtitles!

Originally developed by AW (performer/writer) and KT for our 2009/2010 Season (and summer Fringe tour to Canada), "39" returns to Japan!

Under the guiding hand of new director GR, the slimmed down, one-man, touring version of the show is being revamped with new technology and a new perspective. Performer AW again plays the wayward astronaut protagonist.
"39 Redux" will be performed along with the two new YTG Ensemble shows (APA).

We are raising money for this project via a crowd-funding campaign. Tickets will be available only through the campaign until the week of the show.

That campaign can be found at



AW(パフォーマー/ライター)とKT考案の、2009/2010 Season (そして夏のカナダへのFringeツアー)と"39"が日本に帰ってくる!!

"39 Redux" は2つのYTG Ensemble ショー (APA)で演じられます。



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"Your brand can fully benefit from having fans when most of your ads show social context, which increases advertising effectiveness and efficiency," the document states.

The fact that less and less of brands' content will surface is described as a result of increased competition for limited space, since "content that is eligible to be shown in news feed is increasing at a faster rate than people's ability to consume it." Publishers are one factor in the heightened competition, since Facebook announced earlier this week that links to news articles will be given more prominence, especially on mobile devices, via an algorithm change.




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It’s taken us a long time to finish these videos from our 2012 fundraising campaign, but it has taught us a lesson about crowdfunding: it’s easier if the perks are things that are produced as part of the project itself. It’s an important insight that will be applicable when we run future campaigns to fund shows. Campaign rewards should really be finished within 90 days of the campaign ending.

Today’s video is for WS and his wife AS. It was supposed to be ready by their 10th wedding anniversary, and we've just missed their 11th anniversary as well, so it is prefaced by an apology video.

The art in the video is by our favourite manga artist, who is also our main illustrator for YTG, NK.