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What was driving me was [that] I was getting notes from kids who were struggling with their sexual orientation. They were depressed.

Some said [they] had suicidal thoughts.

Some had been banished by their own parents and family.

It weighed on me in terms of what I could do.

Obviously I couldn't talk to each one individually that reached out, but you always know if you have people reaching out to you that there's many more that don't, that are just out there wondering whether they have a future or not, wondering whether life gets better …







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The item pictured is the one you are bidding on these are not stock photos.

Ultra rare pressing, 100 copies of this were pressed and sold by Wiffen himself in 1965... there can't be many left.

Unfortunately, the front cover is missing. These covers were taped together by Wiffen, no surprise that many of them have come apart over the years as they were quite flimsy. The back cover is in pretty good shape as shown.

The vinyl has plenty of gloss and only a few small, light marks. I play tested the entire record several times... it played without any issues and only a light crackle here and there I would grade it as VG/VG+.

Please no zero feedback bidders unless you contact me privately.



非常にレアな品で100枚のみプレスされて、1965年にWiffenが 自分で販売したものです。もう他にあまり残っているとは思えません。

残念なことに、フロントカバーがありません。カバーはWiffen によってテープで貼られたものですから、その多くがばらばらになったのは当然のことです。非常にもろい表紙でしたから。裏カバーは見てお分かりのように、かなり良い形です。



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I've reviewed the details of the request and found that the best resolution is to ask the buyer to return the item to you for a full refund. Because the item was not as described, we're asking you to pay for the return postage.

I've placed the request on hold for 4 days to give you time to arrange the return postage with the buyer. Please note that if you don't resolve the issue by September 25, 2019 , we'll issue the buyer a full refund on your behalf without requiring the item to be returned.

There are several ways to provide return postage for your buyer. To learn more about your options, please visit the Return shipping options page.

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to clarify the situation.




買い手に送料を支払う方法はいくつかあります。その方法についてもっとお知りになりたかったら、Return shipping options page(返送についてのオプションのページ)を参照して下さい。