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1) I mailed it yesterday and they said it should arrive in two weeks. Also, I overcharged on the shipping, so I'm gonna refund 10 to your PayPal. Hope you enjoy the record?

2) Lol that was supposed to read "hope you enjoy the record!"

3) Hi , sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

We have tracked it up to Johannesburg international, which means it has left and should be you soon.
SA Postal Service is bad at the best of times , so it possible for around a 6 week delay during the Covid pandemic.
Dont worry though. It was packed properly and will arrive in 1 piece .


1) 昨日発送した際、2週間ほどで到着すると言われました。送料を実際より高く頂いてしまいましたので、そちらのPayPal口座に10(ドル)お返しします。このレコードがお気に入るとよいのですが?

2) (笑)レコードをお楽しみになりますように!と書くつもりでした。(?と!を書き間違えた)

3) こんにちは。お返事が遅くなりすみません。