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As for the tea room, although it was initially planned to be a 4 mat and a half room, as per the request of our client who was concerned about the decrease of tea rooms big enough to hold tea ceremony classes, it will be an 8 mat hall able to host tea ceremony classes at a group level.
Taking into consideration that "Sou-yaneura" (a style in which no ceiling is installed) is a form of expression devoted to "wabi", and the fact that flat ceilings are the norm for tea rooms, we have decided to place bamboo louvers with varied pitch for the ceiling and to gather all the facility equipment to the roof space.
The house layout with the wide hallways is a measure for the use of wheelchairs in the future.

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こんにちは! バイリンガルの家庭に育ち、英語はネイティブレベルです。 翻訳家としてぴったしでかつ分かりやすい翻訳を提供できるよう日々心掛けています。