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It's been already one year since I started a trading company in the US.

At first, I thought the product Japan should be proud of was consumer electronics.

However, after starting to sell them, only financially wealthy aficionados all over the world purchased Japanese consumer electronics.

Most orders were made by otakus, fans of Japan's subculture.

Also, products that we Japanese never imagine to be popular become hugely successful. Every day I discover something new.
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- Posted at 01 May 2013 at 14:50
It's already been one year since I established a trading company in the United States.

In early days when I started my export business,
I had thought home appliances were what Japan can proudly offer to the world.

However, when I actually started my business, I found that only wealthy enthusiasts could afford these Japanese-made home appliances in the world.

Most orders I received were from people called OTAKU, who loved Japanese subculture, from across the world.

Recently, some items that Japanese people did not expect became a huge hit abroad and I encounter new surprises every day.
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- Posted at 01 May 2013 at 14:52
I established a trading company in the United States, and already one year passed since.

I thought at first when I started export business that the products Japan could be proud of to the world would probably be the household appliances.

However, I found in the actual sales scenes that it was rather only the economically rich and the fans of the world who bought Japanese household appliances.

Many such orders came in fact from Japanese subculture fans of the world called OTAKU.

In addition, I also see recently the big hits of the Japanese products that Japanese have never imagined would attract people abroad; things surprise me every day.







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- Posted at 01 May 2013 at 20:56
At first, we sent out each item one by one, but we asked this work to an external company one years ago.

Now we are sending our goods to the Amazon warehouses worldwide at a pace of more than100 Kg (some hundreds unit items) every time.

Ten to fifteen cardboards every time.
We are going to ask this process to external companies.

Until customers in the world would say “no more Japanese goods”, we will sell Japanese goods abroad.
This year, not only net-shops, we will set up actual shops in developing countries.
We continue challenge this year also.
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- Posted at 01 May 2013 at 15:20
At first I shipped products one by one directly, but these job has been outsourced for more than one year now.

Nowadays I continue shipping out products to the warehouses of Amazon across the world by several hundred units, at the pace of more than 100 kilos every time.

That is, counting in number of cardboard boxes, 10 to 15 boxes every time. I am going to subcontract this dispatching job also soon.

I have decided to focus on and continue selling Japanese products abroad until I hear they say that they have had Japanese products more than enough.

I am going to go into not only the online retail but also the real stores in the emerging nations this year.

I want to continue challenging this year, too!


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