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So what is Xiaomi’s business model? (It’s not the Apple of China). Producing connected devices, selling them at low margins, ensuring user stickiness with its software platform (or MIUI, a customized Android system) even if they switch to new devices, and sourcing revenue via the software platform through paid content and services, advertising, and other online monetization approaches.

Xiaomi has self-designed four smartphones, a tablet, a smart TV, Wi-Fi routers, a Pressy-like Android button, and a Wi-Fi dongle. But the company cannot self-design and produce every connected device on the market, especially when smart gadgets are popping up everywhere.




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In the short term, Tokopedia could aim to become the Indonesian equivalent of Taobao. Alexa named Taobao one of the world’s top 10 most visited websites last year after its millions of merchants posted 760 million product listings.

In keeping with Tokopedia CEO William Tanuwijaya’s vision, however, it’s likely that he will want to diversify the company and open it up to serve as many buyers as possible. Inspired by Alibaba’s Jack Ma, this would likely mean incorporating B2C (and maybe even business-to-business) options into Tokopedia’s marketplace in the long-run, or even launching a spin-off site (like Tmall) dedicated to brands.



しかし、TokopediaのCEO William Tanuwijayaは自身のビジョンに従って会社の多角化を進め、できるだけ多くのバイヤーの役に立つよう開放したいようだ。結局、AlibabaのJack Maに触発されたことで、Tokopediaの市場にB2C(そしておそらくはB2B)オプションを組み込むか、あるいは企業向けに(Tmallのような)スピンオフ・サイトを立ち上げる、ということなのかも知れない。

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We can offer you the "xx" at a price of $115 each on quantities of 10-49 or $88 each on quantities of 50+.
Shipping is not included and will vary based on the quantity ordered.
Because Japan uses both systems, you will have to specify if you want the 50 or 60 version.
Our distribution requirements are as follows:

1) Distributors must order ten or more units at a time to receive discounted pricing.
2) Distributors pay full shipping charges,
3) Distributors pay full charge for all available meter options.
4) We do not drop ship.
5) Full payment is requested prior to shipping.

For shipping outside the US, price does not include any taxes or tariff.





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Alibaba generates over 80 percent of its revenues from its China marketplaces, Tmall and Taobao, which are China’s top two online shopping sites. But Alibaba does so much more besides that it’s impossible to compare the company directly with Amazon. Alibaba has a PayPal-esque service called Alipay (though that’s not part of this IPO), as well as cloud services, smart TVs, fledgling social networks and apps, and – the thing that started this empire in the first place – a marketplace for Chinese manufacturers at Alibaba.com.

Alibaba will list on the NYSE under the ‘BABA’ ticker, but there’s still no set date for the IPO itself.


しかしAlibabaは他分野でも収益を上げているため、Amazonと直接比較することは難しい。Alibabaは、クラウドサービス、スマートテレビ、新興のソーシャルネットワークやアプリ、そして本来のサービスであるAlibaba.comにおける中国メーカー向け市場のほか、Alipay というPayPal風のサービス(ただし、このIPOの一部ではない)を運営している。