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We will exceed stakeholder expectations faster and better than the competition through a high-performing team with a growth mindset. We are a pay-for-performance organization, linking performance and compensation to one another. Merit and bonus awards are tied to both business and individual results, and the individual performance rating balances both “what” is accomplished and “how” it is accomplished. This philosophy allows managers to reward team members based on their contributions, and further differentiate those who are making significant contributions to our business and using our values as their guide.


我々は、成長型マインドセットを持つ優秀なチームを通じて、ライバルよりも速くより優れて、出資者の期待を上回ります。私たちは、パフォーマンスと報酬をお互いに結びつけてパフォーマンスを向上させる組織です。 メリットとボーナスの賞は業務と個人の両方の結果に結びついており、個々のパフォーマンス評価は「何が」達成されたかと「どのように」達成されたかのバランスを取っています。 この哲学により、経営陣はチームメンバーに貢献度に基づいて報酬を与え、ビジネスに大きく貢献し、価値観を目指す人をさらに区別することができます。

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"However, Apple isn't doing enough, as forced labour persists in its suppliers' factories in China."

"These efforts are just a part of a broader set of initiatives to eliminate modern slavery from every part of our company, in every part of the world."

Other examples of Apple's efforts include a ban on contractors withholding their workers' passports or otherwise forcing staff to work until they have paid off a debt.

Ms Ahrendts said audits carried out to check for workers being wrongfully charged recruitment fees to secure their posts had resulted in it making suppliers return over $30m (£23m) to more than 35,000 people over the past decade.






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There are many beautiful places around Greece where you can learn about history and enjoy culture and Nature.
Yukio Mishima described his visit to Greece as the beginnings of his real philosophical thought and a great awakening.
Also, an academic, Yoshida Atsuhiko, has written extensively on ancient mythological relations between Japan and Greece.
Lafcadio Hearn, of course, was half Greek (on his mother's side). His house of birth is preserved in Lefkada island and also a bronze bust in his memory.

I attach 2 pics from Syros.

Please feel absolutely free to call anytime to ask me about anything concerning Greece.

A million thanks for all you have done for me.

Truly yours, m( )m


Lafcadio Hearnはもちろん、ギリシャ人とのハーフ(母親の側で)でした。 彼の出生した家がレフカダ島に保存されており、また彼の記憶にはブロンズの胸像が残っています。





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This is B of A and in charge of a director of the labor union.
Though I think that you have already received the explanations, our company staffs must join the labor union due to office regulation. As for the paper for joining you have filled out before, some parts need to be rewritten, so I contact you. Since you were not there, I put a document on the desk. After checking the contents, please fill out the points marked in red.
When you finish writing, please send it to C with the attached envelope.
In addition, all numbers of our shipped products are written down and the conditions before shipping are shot. When returning a product, numbers and conditions will be checked.
Please understand it for the fair trade.