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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Yodobashi Camera is a well-known home appliance store in Japan. One store in...

karekora Translated by karekora
Yodobashi Camera is a well-known home appliance store in Japan.
One store in Akihabara, Osaka has annual sales of 10 billion yen.
They have more than 20 stores across Japan.
There are rules in Japan that deal through wholesalers for the items sold in these stores.
We have already partnered with a major wholesaler that has business with both companies.
Through our partnership
After crowdfunding, it is possible to sell our items to these stores.

A and B are regardless of item genre
A selection of unique items popular with Japanese youth
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秋葉原・大阪梅田の 店舗では、1店舗で年間100億円の売上があります。
クラウドファンディング後 これらの店舗に販売することが可能です


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