[Translation from English to Japanese ] 価格表とAの提案をありがとうございます。 今回はAに関してこちらから提案があります。 ボックス単位の注文ではなくBのAを50個(全カラートータル)、Cを...

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・B 単品 各カラー
・C 単品


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Translation / Japanese
- Posted at 07 Nov 2019 at 17:07
Thanks for the price chart and your proposal of A.
I propose regarding A in this time.

Can I change my order from order per box to the order as below?
- A of B is from 50 units (all color total.)
- C is from 29 units.
I would like to sell all color of B in this time. I mean it is different from the one in last time.
I will sell below variation.

Sales variation
・B SIngle item each color
・C Single item
・B + C set

Because we sell all colors, the number of order will be more than previous D. It is high possibility.
If you remove A, we can sell all colors.
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Translation / Japanese
- Posted at 07 Nov 2019 at 17:10
Thank you for the price list and suggestion for A.
This time, we have a suggestion from us about A.

Could you adjust the number of A of B to 50 pieces (total number of all colors) and C to 20 pieces, not order by box?
We would like to sell all color for B, not as same as last time.
We're planning to sell by the following variation.

Selling variation
- B as a separate item, each color
- C as a separate item
- Set of B+C

There is a possibility to increase the number of order by selling all color item from previous D.
If you'll discount A, it'll be possible to sell all colored items.
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Translation / Japanese
- Posted at 07 Nov 2019 at 17:16
Thanks for the price list along with the proposal of A.
Regarding the proposal of A, we would like to make a proposal from us.
Not on the order of unit of box each, could you make it 50pcs of A of B and from the 20pcs of C, please?
At this time we would like to sell all colours of B different from last time. We have planned to sell for the following variation.
Sales variation.
・B Single items in each colour
・C Single item
・A set of B and C
For selling all coloued items, the number of order will be exceeded for the D last time.
If you decrease A, we are able to start selling for all coloued items.

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