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1.Payments must be posted to your account before purchased property is released. Please allow time for processing.We require a signed release or electronic substitute from the invoiced buyer. Purchases picked up in Massachusettsor shipped to Florida or New York are subject to sales tax at the current rate for that location.
2.Please provide the shipping agent or third party with the appropriate Skinner gallery location and email/fax this formto the correct location. Skinner assumes no responsibility of error or omission by any third party and Skinner does not recommend any one shipper over another.
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2.出荷店舗あるいは第三者はSkinner galleryに関するメール、FAXでこのフォームを正しい場所へ送付してください。Skinnerは第三者をふくめエラーや違いについて責任を持ちません。Skinner は荷受け会社あるいは中間業者を推薦することはありません。

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