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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Seth relates with a verb lexically meaning “a" and "b". The verb is repeated ...

setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
Seth relates with a verb lexically meaning “a" and "b". The verb is repeated in the book of Genesis 3:15 that how the God indicated the enmity between "Seed" and "Devil seed" of savior. The name A reflects A's pledge, and changed to A that means "f m".
The name of Isaac means laughter-it is not previous one that Sala expressed her distrust, but a laughter for joy not to be able to believe.
The name of Isr means "G", and it indicates the person who really won when Isr competed with the angel of God of lord.
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セスは、辞書的に「a」、「e」を意味する動詞に 関連があります。その動詞は、神がどのように救世主の「種」と悪魔の種の間に敵意を指定したかの創世記の3:15に繰り返されています。Aの名前 は、Aの誓約を反映し、「f m」を意味するAに変えられました

アイザークの名前は笑いを意味し—母サラが、彼女が以前にしたよ うな不信心からではなく、ただ信じられない喜びのための笑いです


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