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Sorry about the problem with the order, and of course, I will send you replacements of all damaged goods. Again, my most sincere apologies for the problem with the damaged goods.and the packaging problem. Is it possible for you to send me photos of the items as received? and the damaged goods? I will need to report this back to the shipping agent, so such problem can be avoided where ever possible.

So If I understand correctly, 6x boxes were damaged, (3 of glossy ceramica box, and 3
matte box?) and also one watch damaged (AR1452) which has an issue with a sub-second hand? is that correct?
Translated by sakura_1984

もし私が正しく理解出来ていれば、6つの箱が破損しており(3つの光沢のあるceramicaの箱と3つのマット調の箱)、それと1つの時計が破損していて(AR1452)それはsub-second handに問題があったのでしょうか。それで正しいでしょうか。

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