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tatsuoishimura Translated by tatsuoishimura
1. Preface
Knowledge of bedsore has spread, and seriously ill bedsore has decreased both at home and in the hospital. Still, bedsore occurs depending on the condition of the illness. In late years the treatment of bedsore has made great strides, but, on the other hand, it is regarded as a difficult domain one cannot touch without expert knowledge, and those in health occupation and nursing care profession tend to avoid giving bedsore care. The wrap therapy is to answer such troubles (note 1-1).
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1. はじめに
褥創予防の知識が普及し、在宅でも病院でも重症の褥創は少なくなりました。 それでも、病状によっては褥創ができてしまうことがあります。褥創の治療は近年長足の進歩を遂げておりますが、その一方で専門的知識がなければ手の出せない難しい領域と思われて、一般の医療職や介護職の方々からは褥創ケアを敬遠する声が聴かれます。そうした悩みにお答えするのがラップ療法です(註1-1)。

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