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Type of radiation used in the radiation therapy

The radiation is the collective term for those that propagate energy in the form of wave or particle travelling through a space or matter. It is divided into two major types: electromagnetic wave and particle radiation. The electromagnetic wave includes X-rays, gamma beam. The particle radiations are the particles (electron, proton, neutron) constituting an atom that fly in various speeds. The radiations used for the treatment of cancer are manily X-ray, gamma beam, and electron beam, while proton beam and heavy particle beam are used in the study phase. National Cancer Center (Central Hospital,East Hospital) equips apparatus available for all type of X ray, gamma-ray and electron beam radiation. In addition National Cancer Center East Hospital begins proton therapy since the end of 1998. The therapy is applied for the treatment of head and neck cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer etc..

The reason why radiation can kill cancer
Radiation acts directly on DNA in cells making them incapable to divide and increase their number and developing the phenomenon called apoptosis which is the process of their own death to cause cells death. Radiation acts is not only on cancer cells, but also on normal cells. However, the degree of failure of normal cells is lighter than cancer cells and they recover to the state before the radiation exposure in most cases.

The roll of radiation therapy
Previously, most targets of radiation treatment were advanced cases that could not have a surgery. So radiation therapy is recognized by public as "ad hoc treatment for patients terminally ill" or "stopgap remedy".
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放射線とは、空間や物質中を波のかたちや粒子でエネルギーを伝播するものを総称する言葉です。電磁波と粒子線の2種類に大きく分けられます。電磁波には、 X線、γ線(ガンマ線)などが含まれます。粒子線は、原子を構成する粒子(電子、陽子、中性子など)がいろいろな速度で飛んでくるものです。がんの治療に使われている放射線は、X線、γ線、電子線が主で、その他陽子線、重粒子線が研究段階で使われています。 国立がん研究センター(中央病院、東病院)では臨床に使用できるあらゆるX線、γ線、電子線が利用できる装置を備えている他、国立がん研究センター東病院では1998年終わりから陽子線治療を開始し、頭頸部腫瘍、肺がん、肝がん、前立腺がんなどに適用されています

放射線は、細胞のDNAに直接作用して細胞が分裂して数を増加させる能力をなくしたり、細胞が自ら死んでいく過程であるアポトーシスという現象を増強したりして細胞を死に至らしめます。 放射線はがん細胞だけでなく正常細胞にも同じ作用をしますが、正常細胞はがん細胞よりは障害の程度が軽く、放射線照射前の状態に回復することがほとんどです。


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