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- Companies that offer (access to) new kinds of content that Facebook doesn’t have familiarity with today. As an analogy: the biggest app stores in China aren’t Apple’s and Google’s official stores; they’re actually third-party marketplaces. People are trying the same thing in Indonesia and there’s no reason why the trend should stop there. Facebook is already a platform in more ways than one and this could be a way for them to become an even more comprehensive cross-OS platform. It would have the added benefit of helping with user retention as they traded up from feature phones to smartphones or from low-end smartphones to higher-end devices.



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We have received your message, although we understand but it is hard to accept. We found conyac.cc by the following web which is provided by amazon itself.
It is the service providers for sellers out of japan, and we are not sure whether we have the same qualifications like other sellers.
The conyac.cc could reply within even minutes less than an hour, available 24 houres for working days. We use it as we trust Amazon's recommendation.

So we will appreciate very much if we could get a hint about what we should do to meet the standards.
We're really sorry we have made mistake for our careless, we are determined to make up, hoping we could get a chance to prove ourselves.

Rong Wei business trading co.ltd





Rong Wei business trading co.ltd

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I was looking for this product on Amazon, but I didn't wanted to buy it, due to the fact that the shipping was so expensive. However, I have recieved it twice. I'm agree to stay with one of the thermal bento, but I want to return the other one.

I have received this product with other ones that I didna€?t want to buy. I have only done a proof of purchase to see the shipping cost but I didna€?t continue it because it was expensive. Amazon used my bank data and an address that wasn't the one in the proof. Now to return the items I've to pay all the shipping costs that are so expensive, so I've to stay with the products to not spend more money.





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How would you like this order shipped, via our forwarder Yusen who will ship it to the closest airport and then contact your agent to clear customs which is how we do most international shipments or we can ship US International Priority Mail and they will ship to your door.

We won't have a cost on either of them until your order is boxed and ready to ship which will be Monday or Tuesday of next week most likely.

We can put the value on each box via Mail at less and hope that it will not get held up at all because they do not require the invoice rather a value of each box.

Let me know which method you prefer and we will ship accordingly.

Attached is the breakdown.


ご注文の郵送方法ですが、ユウセンという業者から最寄りの空港へ送られ、そこから貴方のエージェントへコンタクトし、税関通貨の手続きをするという、私どもがほとんどの国際運送で利用する方法か、もしくはUS International Priority Mail(アメリカの国際優先郵便)により、ご自宅まで直接配送する方法のどちらが宜しいでしょうか?



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So, based on this strategy, what gadgets can we expect Xiaomi to unleash next? Well, a smartwatch isn’t out of the question. Home theater projectors are on fire right now. And China has a never-ending need for air purifiers. Those are all gadgets that China has more than enough yet somehow keep surging past their crowdfunding goals.

Xiaomi isn’t the only company tackling the smart home market, though. Tencent, JD, Baidu, Alibaba, and a handful of others are battling for dominance on their respective protocols and platforms. Xiaomi has an advantage thanks to its experience in making both hardware and software that work in unison, but it’s also a bit late to the game.