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The Optimus Clip-On Stove Windshield is currently on backordered.

According to the manufacturer estimates we expect to get more by last week of February.
Please note these dates are generally accurate, but are subject to change at the discretion of manufacturer.

Please let us know about how you would like to proceed.

Thank you for shopping with us we appreciate your business.

If you wanted to fill out this customer application we can get this processed and we can give you a website login.
To order from our catalog the application process is a must. We car pretty quick at getting this done quickly.

Before we continue, would you be purchasing the product from CampSaver to re-sell them at your shop?


オプティマス・クリップオン・ストーブ ・ウィンドシールドは、現在取り寄せ中です。





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④The train carriage theme is complimented by a vintage bar evocative of a time when the neighborhood drug store’s soda counter was a social hub.
De IJ-kantine is a contemporary styled restaurant located in an Industrial building on the former shipdock the NDSMwerf.
The restaurant serves delicious lunches and dinners inside but also outside on their sunny terras right on the water of the IJ.
From every seat in the venue you can enjoy the beautiful view looking out over the harbour of Amsterdam, the water and the remarkable bar on the north side of the restaurant.
The venue is just a breath taking 10 minutes free ferry ride away from the back of Central Station of Amsterdam



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Greetings from Fulfillment by Amazon,

We received negative customer feedback regarding the ASIN listed below.

We have checked all inventory on hand in our Fulfillment Center and products held in your account that are Fulfilled by Amazon have been graded as defective and moved into your unsellable inventory.

Please verify that all future shipments have this issue corrected; failure to do so will cause errors, poor customer experience, and delays in receiving your products.

Please create a removal order in your seller account to have these items returned to you or destroyed.

For more information, please see How to Create Removal Orders in Seller Central Help.








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⑤The cruise will end at 10.15 PM (duration: 2 ¾ hours). What better way to spend the evening in Amsterdam?
⑦Melker Stiftskeller is the oldest cellar vault Restaurant in Vienna and still belongs to the great Benedictine abbey of Melk.
Serving traditional Austrian and Viennese cuisine, the cozy atmosphere is famous among tourists as well as Austrian citiziens.
The specialty of the house, roast of pork knuckle, is only one of many delicacies, a seasonal changing menu and local beer and wine makes a dinner in the impressive ambiance unforgettable.
We are looking Forward to host you as our guests.


⑤クルーズは午後10:15に終わります。(所要時間: 2時間45分)。アムステルダムでの夜を過ごすのに最高ではありませんか?

⑦Melker Stiftskellerはヴィエナで最も古い地下貯蔵レストランで、今でもメルトのベネディクト大修道院に属しています。伝統的なオーストリアとヴィエナの料理をご提供、居心地の良い雰囲気はオーストリア市民に劣らず旅行者の間で有名です。

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've checked once again today and still reported as Under retention.
QUite strange as usually I either get contacted to my phone to produce evidence of payment (invoice by e-bay/paypal) or the shipping get to my delivery point charged up with taxes to be paied. None of that happened so far.. but the issue does not seem to be in customs rather at the follwing post office dispatching!

25/2016 12:00 Arrival at inward office of exchange MALPENSA LONATE POZZOLO ITALY

07/25/2016 12:01 In Customs MALPENSA LONATE POZZOLO ITALY

07/25/2016 18:35 Departure from inward office of exchange MALPENSA LONATE POZZOLO ITALY

07/26/2016 05:58 Processing at delivery Post Office ITALY

07/26/2016 08:17 Processing at delivery


私達は今日もう一度まだ保留中との報告をしました。電話で支払いのエビデンスを作れたり、私の受け渡しポイントと一緒に支払われるべき税金(e-bay/paypalによる請求書) が普通通りチャージされたのはとてよおかしな事です。それらのどれも、これまで起こっていません…その刊行物はむしろ下記の投函郵便局で顧客の元にあるようには見えません。

2016/7/25 12:00 イタリア MALPENSA LONATE POZZOLO 内部交換事務所に到着

2016/7/25 12:01 イタリア MALPENSA LONATE POZZOLO 顧客の元

2016/7/25 18:35 イタリア MALPENSA LONATE POZZOLO 内部交換事務所 出発

2016/7/26 05:58 イタリア 受渡郵便局で処理中

2016/7/26 08:17 受渡処理中

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[Missing Plugin ] (amendments) Ver002

There usually can be 2 causes of the plugin being missing in shelf.

Cause 1 - Plugin did not install in the correct Maya scripts directory.
You can check if this is the cause by running a command in Maya script editor:
Paste the following text into the Python box , select all of it and click run:

[ from mayaBeamer import main ]

If Plugin window opens, this is not the cause of the missing shelf icon, please proceed to the Cause 2.
If it does not open and script editor shows error like:

[ ImportError: file <maya console> line 1: No module named mayaBeamer ]


[見つからないプラグイン] (改訂)Ver002


原因1 - プラグインが正しいMayaスクリプトディレクトリにインストールされなかった。
下記のテキストをPython boxにペーストし、全選択して「実行」ボタンをクリックしてください。

[ from mayaBeamer import main ]


[ ImportError: file <maya console> line 1: No module named mayaBeamer ]

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TITLE: How to prepare a 3ds Max scene for rendering

When rendering it is pretty normal that something goes wrong, but if you follow these simple rules you increase your odds of avoiding issues by quite a margin

Scene file - should be saved in .max format - version from 2011 to 2016

XRefs & References files - should be merged to main scene

Project folder- should be used - if not, its good to make \Assets\ folder, and relink all textures, vrmeshes and other assets there. Of course, there should be no missing assets in scene. Every missing asset will increase job render time and can cause problems with rendering.


タイトル: 3ds Maxで作成したシーンをレンダリングするための準備


シーンファイル - .maxフォーマットで保存してください - 2011から2016までのバージョン

XRefs & Referencesファイル - メインのシーンにマージしてください

プロジェクトフォルダー - 使ってください - そうでなければ、\Assets\フォルダーを作って、全てのテクスチャ、vrメッシュ、アセットをそこにリンクし直してください。もちろん、シーンからアセットを見失わないようにすべきです。見つからないアセットがあると、レンダリングの掛かる時間が増大し、レンダリングに問題を起こす事があります。

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If there are some assets which have "missing" status in 3DMax asset tracking, and can be ignored during rendering process, please delete paths to them or inform us about "ignoring missing".If missing assets can be ignored but cannot be removed from yours scene you can turn on "Continue on error" option on job submit window

Animated textures & animation files (avi/mp4/etc) are not good option for animated textures, also .mov files cannot be used. Please make frame sequence (jpg\png,etc) and connect as image sequence. You can use ".ifl" sequence in 3DMax

Viewport & save - render camera should be selected, and viewport should be maximized. Shading details should be switched to "box" without any shading abilities.




ビューポートと保存 - レンダーカメラを選択してください、そしてビューポートは最大化してください。シェーディング詳細はシェーディング能力無しの状態にして"box"に切り替えてください。

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[Global features]:
-Rendering with 3DMax versions from 2012 to 2016 (including all service packs & add-ons) / cloud & classic
-Rendering with engines - internal 3DMax, VRay & MentalRay, Corona, Octane / cloud & classic
-Rendering frame sequences, single frames, ranges, selected frames, minus frame ranges / cloud & classic
-Rendering with customer gamma correction setups & gamma override for outputs / cloud & classic
-Checker for plugins used in scene & compatibility with render farm / cloud
-Support for various caches (like realflow cache, point cache etc) / cloud & classic
-Support for non latin characters - as well in scene names & assets / cloud & classic


- 2012から2016の3DMaxバージョンでのレンダリング(全てのサービスパックとアドオンを含む)/クラウド&クラシック
- エンジンでのレンダリング - 内部 3DMax、VRay & MentalRay、Corona、Octane/クラウド&クラシック
- 連続フレーム、単一フレーム、レンジ、選択フレーム、マイナス・フレーム・レンジでのレンダリング/クラウド&クラシック
- カスタマー・ガンマ・コレクション設定を使ったレンダリングと出力時のガンマ上書き/クラウド&クラシック
- シーンで使われるプラグイン用のチェッカー & レンダーファームとの互換性/クラウド
- 多様なキャッシュのためのサポート(RealFlowキャッシュ、ポイント キャッシュ等)/クラウド&クラシック
- 欧文フォント以外の文字コードサポート - シーン名やアセット名に利用可能/クラウド&クラシック

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With collective strong sound wave head, strong sound wave of 4OOOOHZ may be
emitted to human body for impacting fat cells fiercely and Causing friction motion
between fat cells. This may cause effective consumption of calories and moisture
in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells What's more, sound wave vibration may
cause fierce impact of fat cells to make them be exploded instantaneously, reduce
the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.
1,Press A to enter 4Ok cavitation function display
2 Press B to adjust the time,
3. Select the ENERGY by clicking C to increase the energy or Click D
to decrease it.
5, Press E to start or press F pause the 4OK cavitation function



1. Aボタンで40Kキャビテーション機能を表示します。
2. Bボタンで時間を設定します。
3. ENERGY を選択してCボタンを押すとパワーが上がり、Dボタンを押すとパワーが下がります。
5. Eボタンを押すと40Kキャビテーション機能がスタートし、Fボタンを押すと一時停止します。