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When, in ancient Greece, it was found that rubbing fur on amber caused an attraction between the two. This discovery is credited to the philosopher Thales of Miletus. One day, when he was polishing his amber at home, he found that a piece of fur was attracted by the amber after he put it on the desk, than he split them, but it happened again. So he made record about the phenomenon. It was to be many centuries before anyone was able to connect this phenomenon with lightning, and a century more before electrical currents were put to practical use.

3. How to Categorize Electricity?
Q: Are we using the same electricity to motivate the airconditioner and the remote controller?
A: Actually they are totally different.



3. 電気にはどんな種類があるの?
Q: エアコンを動かすための電気と、リモコンを動かすための電気は、同じですか?
A. :実は全く違うものなんです。

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In 1799, the Italian scientists Alessandro Volta went on to create a “voltaic pile" consisting of alternate layers of copper and zinc separated by paper soaked in salt water. This generated a larger Current and is credited as the first battery. In 1821,the English scientists Michael Faraday discovered the first electric motor in the world, even though it was very simple, nowadays, all the other motors that we use today aregenerated from that one. Ten years later, Faraday contributed to the world with his second crucial invention, dynamo.In 1866, the first industrial dynamo was invented by a German called Siemens.

6.Unit of Electricity
Q: All physical quantities have unit, how about



6. 電気の単位
Q: 形のある物質にはすべて単位があります。電気にもあるんですか?

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A product is considered regulated if any of its components are classified as
dangerous goods or substances or are otherwise regulated by one of the official
organizations of transport (DOT, IATA, ADR) or of product handling and
storage (CLP, GHS).

This exemption sheet will be accepted only for hazardous
cosmetic products (table 1 & 2 to be filled) and products not regulated
as dangerous goods (table 1 & 3 to be filled). If your product does not
belong to one of the 2 mentioned categories, this exemption sheet will be
rejected and a SDS required. Also, in the case of erroneous or incomplete
information provided through this exemption sheet, Amazon reserves its
right to take the corresponding actions without prior notice.




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I discussed the same with the Indian Buying,

-Exporter suggested that, depend on the product exporter can make the item.

-The finish same as the picture is impossible on eh Aluminum item.

-Exporter did not produce any item in Aluminum.

Once again I will ask with the Infiniti the same only for your reference.

2) Regarding the current order of Infiniti, PI 096

-Once the production will be complete,

-I will let you know immediately the Skype inspection date.

-We are trying to make the production before 25 March 2018 ,

-So that accordingly we can do the inspection as well as dispatch.

3) Regarding Sonu, I will let you know once the production will complete.

-And will let you know the Inspection schedule accordingly.


Indian Buying社にも同じ内容でお話ししました。





2)現在Infiniti社から発注中のPI 096について







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What size does the red jacket that is labeled a jacket for women while it's
Twin Bliue counterpart is labeled
Men's I like the red better I have too many blue kimonos I like he red better but reserve one in large or extra large hopefully the red one....please! I
I must have line in United States its men that kimonos are
Now in style for as
Women have already rocked it on the runways now cater to middle and upper class men! I'd love the red !
Arigato my Nippon friends! A desired regular client Theo craves rocking your creAtions in the U.S. ( name is not Theo it is my auto correct I meant to say "that" lol)


女性用と表示のあった赤い羽織もののサイズは何ですか。Twin Blue の方は男性用のSだと表示がありました。青の着物はたくさん持っているので赤がいいです 赤のLかXLを取り置きしていただけませんか…!
アメリカでも男性用のものを揃える必要があります 着物は女性の間では
ありがとう日本の親友!常連のお客様で、御社製品をアメリカでもしようしたいと切望しているTheoがいます。(名前はTheoじゃないです "that"と打とうとしたのにオートコレクトが勝手に変えました笑)