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Sometimes bycicle parking near station are not marked with no parking sign but in the end of the day my bycicle is somerimes moved to different location although there is plenty of space and many people leave their bycicle there

Credit card information only in japanese. Softbank emails only in japanese

the tax system

Location maps were not in English so I was lost walking from the train station to the building I was going to.


Trash regulations in the ward that I live in, are very different than the ones that I used to. Very confusing and it caused some problems with the apartment management company, who were not happy that the "rules" were not being followed--but the rules were not available in English








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There was English explanation for tax/money-related stuff sometimes but it was too difficult to understand.

most of information is in Japanese. So I have to ask for receptionist to understand it.

There is not enough street signs that shows the name of.the streets. When riding a bicycle always have to stop to check on the phone.


In some restaurants labeled toilet is difficult to read Japanese. It is difficult to read kanji.

JR ticket information can be very confusing for Shinkansen etc where two tickets need to be purchased (the seat ticket and riding ticket). I thought one ticket was fine because the English wasn't clear and got surprised by the extra charge.








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We’re sorry you’ve been waiting for a reply from us. Hopefully you’ve received your order by now but if not there are a few things you can do.

If your order has been sent on a trackable service then you can see the latest updates by using the link in your shipping confirmation email. If you no longer have this email, you can also log into your account and track your order using the ‘Track This Order’ link.

If your order has not been sent on a trackable service then it means your local postal service will be delivering it. They may have delivered it already so it’s worth checking:

• With your neighbours to see if they have accepted it
• In any safe areas the driver may have left your parcel






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Email your Watchwarehouse.com usernames and the email addresses used
We need your watchwarehouse details in order to convert your account from retail customer to wholesale reseller.
If you are planning to pay by credit card we need a copies of it and valid ID for verification. For Non-US & Canada Resellers. Or, if you are planning to ship to an address different then the billing address. If you are planning to pay by paypal- no copies needed.
Addresses outside the United States and Canada are difficult to verify. In this case, we require a copy/scan of your credit card and passport via email or fax. You may cover the middle 4 digits for security.