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I am sorry to bother you again, but my family’s lawyer found a big problem with Miwa’s will. There is a law in my state that requires ALL living direct relatives to give permission for cremation. Because of this law, Aunt Miwa cannot be cremated and buried until both Fさん and Hさん sign a paper saying they give permission for her wishes to be followed. I will attach the form document. It must also be signed by a notary (公証人). Just 判子 cannot be used because it is not considered a signature in USA. It must be signed in both kanji and romaji. If a 判子 is required by notary then it can be used with a hand written name, just not alone.



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lack sign in train station whether train is coming in time or not

When I went to supermarket I bought drinking yogurt instead of milk because I misread the packaging.

Not a big problem with me

I can understand and speak Japanese, so living in Japan has gotten easier because I can use the language. Most of friends however can't speak Japanese, and they have problems usually with getting a cellphone plan that fits their needs. They end up paying for services they do not want just because they cannot understand.

Information from banks and cell phone companies is poor and hard to understand. My government office has English staff on certain days and they are very helpful.

More to the point and useful








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Lack of English everywhere

I went to ask the information in city hall but I have to wait for long time to get the person who can speak English

sometimes there is english explanation or sign but it was written in wrong english and it took sometime to understand the message

When I made a special journey to visit a park I was shocked because they were locking the gates so I couldn't enter. I had been to the park before but never saw any information about closing times in English.

I have had no problems, speaking and reading Japanese since before I came to Japan. However, I know that the lack of English guidance, poor-English guidance and lack of English speakers can present problems to the more timid traveler.







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I am trying to bring my child up bilingually. There is little to no multicultural education apart from very expensive international schools. Museums/aquariums/zoos etc, if they have English will just be a one word name with real info only in Japanese. No one speaks English in service industries (train stations, museums, restaurants).

When I went to visit my friend in Saitama I got lost because I took the wrong bus. The bus timetables and information were only in Japanese so I wasn't sure which bus to take.

Sometimes hard to find way in department store

Concerts and live event posters in train stations don't have enough English
information sometimes.

None. I have apps to help me. :)







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there is no bus station name in english when i have seminar in saitama near to omiya i take a difference bus i was late for the seminar

japanese people doesnt know that much english

Fucking trains.

The information in English in not clear enough

When earthquakes occur, there is no English guidance as to what to do.

The tax refund and payment system is not explicitly clear. One can find some materials in english, but if it wasn't for a friend of main who alerted me, I would have unknowingly skipped payment of city-related taxes (twice a year).

when driving, i always bring my japanese friend to guide me for driving

due to no english leaflet, i ask my collague to translate its meaning to me.










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I had trouble joining a gym because information was only on Japanese and no one there spoke English

when i was ill i went to hospital to check up ,i did not pick up a number and waited for long time after a while some staff came to me and ask do you pick up a number. i told no, after a minute my problem was solve. if there is instruction i can do my self also

There are many times I'm troubled, especially at semi public places where I don't even have the courage to talk to someone in English and Japanese because I'm afraid I will be rude

Driving tests only once a month because that's the only time an English speaking person works (despite good enough Japanese to take with a regular driver I was denied)





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③Motorino is Hong Kong’s only chef-driven Neapolitan pizzeria. Using the freshest, highest quality ingredients available, Motorino offers an approachable menu of flavorful antipasti, inventive pizzas and satisfying desserts. Motorino Hong Kong has two locations: one off the escalator in the heart of SoHo and another on Ship Street in Wan Chai.
④Burger Circus is a classic American hamburger joint serving freshly ground and griddled burgers, shakes and fries. Opened in early 2015, the menu also features a range of all-American desserts and house-made sodas. Burger Circus’ interiors, designed by Substance, nod to the history of diners, which were originally housed in abandoned railways cars.



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sir i pay camera price but ship is pay by u

Sorry but this is about an item, I could not find the number. It's about your Nikon F4S, 591 and 594: you listed them as junk because you did not properly test them. You also said they are functional so, in your opinion, do they work? Almost no one have camera properly tested for film, so I'd just like to know if camera powers up, fires and windings work.

You say you didn't check if the light meter works? If you check it and it's accurate I'm happy to bid for it :)

But I don't want to bid if it's not working.

What mount does this lens sport?



申し訳ないですが、これは商品のことで、品番を私はみつけることができませんでした。あなたのニコン F4S, 591 and 594のことです:あなたはきちんとテストしなかったのでジャンクとしてそれらを出品しました。 機能するともあなたはおっしゃいましたが、あなたの意見では機能するのですか?カメラを撮影のためにきちんとテストした人はほとんどいないので、カメラの電源は入るのか、ファイアーと巻きは機能するのか知りたいだけなのです。




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