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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] This product was made by Japanese metalworkers who poured their soul into the...

cuavsfan Translated by cuavsfan
This product was made by Japanese metalworkers who poured their soul into their work.
Made in a small factory that is known for its metalworking prowess, this OOOOOO case has been cleverly shaped and finished with a beautiful exterior.
The 0.8mm aluminum casing can be removed by sliding it off. It's both thin and durable.
The rib on the right side has a brand logo, and on the left side there is a hole that can be used for a strap.
The inside uses a strong coating to carefully protect your OOOOOO.
The sharp design uses the same aluminum found in your OOOOOO.
The semi-transparent inner side coating can't be found on any other product.
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