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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] Marine Sports in Okinawa More beautiful than Hawaii, this Japanese resort ...

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Marine Sports in Okinawa

More beautiful than Hawaii, this Japanese resort area is like a jewel.

The 160 islands included in the Okinawa Islands, Miyako Islands, Yaeyama Islands, and surrounding area make up Japans southernmost prefecture.

Beauty is all around be it the coral reefs growing along the shore, blue seas, or white sandy beaches.
Even in winter the temperature is about the same as it is in Tokyo in May.
Because it was the Ryuukyuu Kingdom until about 150 years ago, it is full of unique culture and fascinating areas.

You can enjoy activities such as swimming, fishing, snorkeling, banana boats, jet skiing, water skiing, para sailing, cruises, whale watching, trawling, and more. The Grand Shrine at Ise

Made up of over 100 Shinto shrines, but with the Inner and Outer Ise Shrines as the main attraction, this wide open area is known for its cool, crisp air, the forest that surrounds it, and for being located at the mouth of a river.

For hundreds of years Japanese people have dreamed of making the once in a lifetime "Ise pilgrimage."
While the shrine is a very sacred place, as soon as you take your first step out of it you are greeted by a fun and exciting city full of souvenir shops and restaurants, really giving you a feel for the mix of sacred and ordinary that can be found only in Japan.

Even as we go further into the 21st century, this place continues to pass along the feeling of ancient times. Ski

* Point!
Experience amazing powder snow and hot springs at the same time!

* Japanese Ski Resorts
Japan has about 400 ski resorts, and in the winter you can enjoy activities such as skiing and snowboarding. These are concentrated mostly in the northern part of Nagano prefecture, Niigata prefecture, and Yamagata prefecture. There are many places you can go on a day trip that are easy to reach. Around the ski areas are hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops, and areas with hot springs are also numerous. Even away from the ski slope there is plenty to keep you entertained. Experience Subculture

* Point!
Famous around the world, experience the culture of Japan's young people!

* What is Japanese subculture?
A collection of many forms of entertainment and hobbies, these subcultures flourish due to the support of many young people in Japan today.
In Japan this is known as "otaku culture," which is closely associated with manga, figurines, and computer games.
Maid cafes and fashion dictated by anime characters have also garnered attention around the world, and in France many young people are attracted by "le otaku." Cycling
* Point!
Enjoy beautiful scenery while interacting with locals! It's cost-effective and good for you.

* Bicycles for Rent
There are bike rental shops in Kyoto, Kurashiki, Kouyama, and many other scenic areas throughout Japan.
Matsumoto-shi in Nagano prefecture and Tsugaru-shi in Aomori prefecture are just two of the places where the local government has arranged for free bicycle rentals to be available.
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地元の人と触れ合いながら、楽しく、ゆっくり観光ができる! リーズナブルで、健康にもいい。


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