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[Translation from Japanese to English ] New type of Ironman 28 (鉄人28号), designed by Kito Eisaku, a Japanese sculptor ...

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造型作家・デザイナーとして活躍する鬼頭 栄作氏の新しい解釈の[鉄人28号]が「BIG SCALE Hybrid Statue」の第一弾として登場!!
目には発光ギミックを搭載 (電池別売)。
「BIG SCALE Hybrid Statue」とは?
Translated by steveforest
A Modeling artist, a designer, Eisaku Kito as a new understanding has created BIG SCALE Hybrid Statue as the the first series of the Iron man no.28 !!.
Newly created with the hint of his new ideas, the Iron man no.28. it will boosting its size up to 20 inches, as same as the volume of original works. The eyes are lit with lighting gimic(excludes batteries).
BIG SCALE Hybrid Statue is overwhelming big size with various materials to be representing the durability and makes high-quality model.

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