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[Translation from Japanese to English ] There was a mistake in my computer input and I was going to ship the product ...

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ebayのBest Offerからご希望の落札金額をお知らせください。私のほうで承諾した後、あなたにインボイスが届きますので料金をお支払いください

Translated by gooniekelly
There was an input error on my part and I was supposed to ship the item today, but item number D-44 was already sold out. I do apologize.

Item number D-249 is in stock and will be shipped tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am going to cancel the D-44 and refund your money.

If you wish to purchase another item, please place your bid by tomorrow, and we will ship it to you free of charge.


Please let me know your preferred bid amount from Best Offer on ebay. After I accept your bid, you will get an invoice and pay the price.

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