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[Translation from Japanese to English ] This time A's composition is a bit complex so I'll explain it in a simple way...

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This time A's composition is a bit complex so I'll explain it in a simple way. This table is made based on B's data.
For A, normally all data is there, but due to circumstances in B's side it's still not ready.
Waiting until B's creation is done means we wouldn't make it in time for the report. so I checked the disparity between C and D, and I summarized what is added to C and what is subtracted from C. Of course, C has high precision. Please refer to the green tab for the disparity with C. Refer to F for the table with all these sorted out.
E and F is treated as the same thing. To be precise, both may be different, but the data we need to be able to determine that hasn't been provided by B.

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