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[Translation from Japanese to English ] As you may know, we were receiving offer from you by the attached system when...

risa0908 Translated by risa0908
As you may know, we were receiving offer from you by the attached system when C was being in charge of it.
In the first sales year, there were only A, and 2nd years and after that, A was split into A1 and A2.
On the assumption of this time, the system wasn't changed from beginning of sales to end, without A's splitting in to A1 and A2. It's the same for B as well.
Before, we heard that you'll change the system according to investment of new goods by other company in 2019.
Please let us make sure if you go to controversy under this condition, not by system when C was being charge of it.
We can accept your returns. We'll check and let you know later about the difference of the amount between the earlier goods and goods D which you requested.
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