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You can understand how to find correlation coefficient and grasp the correlation between two variables.
You can input functions to a spreadsheet, and find the values.
This class is aimed to make you understand curves in a plane and complex plane, limit, differential calculus, and integral calculus and obtain fundamental knowledge and develop your skill.
This class is aimed to develop your skills to examine and describe phenomena mathematically, and make you utilize those skills.
You can understand characteristics of fractional function, irrational function, and graphs for those functions.
You can understand meanings of complex function and inverse function, and find them.
*You can understand de Moivre's theorem. You can understand limits of numerical sequences, and find limits of numerical sequences based on the limit of the numerical sequence {r}.
Understanding convergence and divergence of infinite series, you can find summations of infinite series including infinite geometrical series.
You can understand and find limits of functions.
Understanding derivatives of products and quotients of functions, you can find derivatives of summations, differences, products, and quotients of functions.
You can understand and find derivatives of complex functions.
You can find derivatives of trigonometric functions, exponential functions, and logarithmic functions. You can find the equation of tangent of the various curves using the derivative.
You can find the fluctuation of function value, the maximum and minimum.
You can draw the general form of graphs examining unevenness of the graph.
You can use to consider such as the maximum and minimum of the function and the proof of the inequality.
You understand the property of the indefinite integral and can find the indefinite integral of the various functions.
You understand the ways of the integration by substitution and integration by parts, and can find the indefinite integral using them.
You understand the property of definite integral and can find the definite integral of the various functions. You understand the integration by substitution and the integration by parts, and can find the definite integral by using them.
You can find the area of the graphic surrounded by the various curves and the three-dimensional volume, the rotating body volume, the length of curves, etc. by using the definite integral.
You understand the graphical meaning the complex plane, the polar form of complex plane, real numbers, the total, difference, product and quotient and can use them to consider the phenomenon.
You can understand that the parabola, ellipse and hyperbola are expressed by the quadratic and the property of those secondary curve.
You understand the meaning of polar coordinates and that the curves are expressed by the polar equation, and can use to consider for those phenomenons.
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*ド・モアブルの定理について理解できる。 数列の極限について理解し数列{r}の極限などを基に、数列の極限を求めることができる。
三角関数.指数関数及び対数関数の導関数を求めることができる。 導関数を用いて,いろいろな曲線の接線の方程式を求めることができる。
定積分の性質を理解し、様々な関数の定積分を求めることができる。 置換積分法及び部分積分法について理解し,それらを用いて定積分を求めることができる。

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