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However, in the image of this contradictions we find the main differences between writers, manifested in the way of making reality or mimesis reality on the example of his fourth novel "Unconsoled" It is absolutely absurd novel, but it become real by using names of actually existing people in the novel as an ordinary residents of the city and the history itself. Thanks to the creative talent of the author, some researchers see in this novel collective guilt of a country or city name that no one knows. We tend to believe Isiguro depicts the story of a man in different periods of his life, where the narator is a passive observer of his own life that resonates with the same name novel - doomed to contemplation mistakes of the past. Another point that combines Kafka and Isiguro - Freud's theory. If Kafka's hero suffers through society, the hero Isiguro mainly affected by myself. This revealed a fundamental difference between the writers.
Translated by tatsuoishimura
我々は、イシグロが人生の異なる期間のある男性の物語を表していると思いがちであり、そこでは語り手は同じ名前の小説 ― 過去の熟考の間違いとなる運命の― に共鳴するその男自身の人生の受動的なオブザーバーである。カフカとイシグロを結びつけるもう一ポイント-フロイトの理論。カフカのヒーローが社会のために苦しむとすれば、イシグロのヒーローは主に私自身に影響を受ける。これが、両作家の基本的な違いを明らかにしたのだ。

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