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[Translation from English to Japanese ] “3. Declaring as null and void that TCT No. T-338857 (Exh. H) of the land rec...

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“3. Declaring as null and void that TCT No. T-338857 (Exh. H) of the land records of Quezon City, issued January 03, 1986 in the name of Alejandria (dra) B. Pineda, widow, of legal age, Filipino and the Register of Deeds of Quezon City, after the finality of this decision, is hereby ordered to cancel said Certificate of Title and, in lieu thereof, to issue a new Certificate of Title in the name of plaintiffs Nelson S. Bañez, married to Mercedez Bañez, both of legal age, Filipinos and residents of No. 32 Sarangaya St., White Plains, Quezon City, covering the lot in question.
Translated by tatsuoishimura

「3. アレハンドリア(ドラ)B.ピネダ、未亡人、成年、フィリピン人、の名義で1986年1月3日に発行されたケソン市の土地調書の当該TCT No.T-33886 57(証拠書類 H)を無効と宣言し、ケソン市の登記簿が、本決定を最終とした後、かかる権利証書を取り消し、ここに、それに代えて、原告ネルソン・S. ・バニェス、メルセデス・バニェスと結婚、ともに成人、フィリピン人、ケソン市ホワイトプレイ、サランガヤ通り32番に居住、の名義の、当地所を含む新たな権利証書を発行することを命ずる 。

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