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There are several benefits to you resolving this case on your own:
•You'll provide a better buyer experience, which may result in better Feedback and detailed seller ratings.
•This won't count as a “case closed without seller resolution” towards your seller performance standards.
•PayPal funds for the sale, which are placed on hold when a case is opened, will be released and applied to the refund.
•Your eBay and PayPal fees will be automatically credited to your account when you issue a refund.
If you haven't resolved this issue before the hold is released, eBay will be forced to take the following actions:
Translated by tatsuoishimura
• 貴社がより良い買い手経験を提供することが、より良いフィードバックと詳細な売り手評価という結果になる可能性があります。
• 本件は、貴社の売り手パフォーマンス水準に対する「売り手側の決定のない解決済みのケース」とはされません。
• PayPalの販売基金は、訴訟が始まると保留の状態に置かれますが、解除となり払い戻しに当てられます。
• 貴社のeBayおよびPayPal会費は、貴社が払い戻しを行えば、貴社の口座に自動的に入ります。

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