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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Please submit images that are suitable for printing in PDN magazine. The pref...

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Please submit images that are suitable for printing in PDN magazine. The preferred size is 11x17" @ 300 dpi with either Adobe 1998, sRGB or Untagged color profiles.
More Detail: The recommended image size should be close to 5,500 pixels on the longer dimension. We can accept images that were not captured at this resolution as long as they are between 3,300-8,000 pixels on the long dimension.
hiro612koro Translated by hiro612koro
PDN雑誌に掲載するのにふさわしい写真を送付ください。Adobe 1998かsRGB, タグ付されていないカラープロファイルの形式で11x17"@300dpiのサイズが好ましいです。

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