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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The grid lines with a hole to crosses diagonally and it sometimes makes sense...

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The site stretches to the horizon. The view spreads out in Masan harbor which reminds you of the shoreline development area in cities. As a result of the economic prioritized development, this site was thoroughly designed to be flat and it makes us feel that it has somewhat loose atmosphere.
The building sculpture is made by folding some surface parts of it against this flat ground.
This work provides the experience of your watching the surface parts lapped by each other, surrounded, broadened and narrowed.

These surface parts have an infinite number of holes in a grid shape and you can see light coming from the holes. By crossing obliquely grid lines row with holes, it may throw out of equilibrium.
and further, there are some different size of holes such as ones of leaning out window, passing through a tunnel or going through another composing side.
Thus folding sides obliquely is becoming physically and visually crossed sides where people meet with scenery.

- motif of side and hole produce space covering with light, sight line and body sense.

- By lighting at night and escaping light through a hole, aspect rises up in seaside scenery. ■In a space wrapped by the relationship of a constructive body and the curve of a sculptural form, people gather for special events to create a brand new space in a flat scenery.

■The hole is basically as big as 4cm or 5cm. It also has a hole which is as big as 25cm. 50cm, or 3m. Wood is supposed to be used as the main material, and it will be painted in a gray-white color. The width of each board is 1.25m or 2.5m.
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これらの面はグリッド状に無数の穴が開けられており、穴から光がこぼれ落ちたり視線が抜けたりする。 穴の開いたグリッドラインの列が斜めに交差することで、平衡感覚を狂わせたりもする。


■夜には光がつき、穴によって光がこぼれる事によってフォルムが海辺の景色の中で浮かび上がる。 ■建築的身体の関係性と彫刻的なフォルムの歪みが内包する空間で、イベントを行い複数の人間が集まることで、フラットな風景に新たな場を作り出す。


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