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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I will send you a picture of the product. Right from the start there was ...

ichi_style1 Translated by ichi_style1
I will send you a picture of the product.

Right from the start there was vinyl tape wrapped at the part were the wiring connects.
When removing this vinyl tape the wiring comes loose very easily.
(The light does work, but the connection is bad and very unstable. The wiring disconnects instantly. Of course the light also goes off when this happens.)

Also in the center of the part where the connections are there are traces of removed vinyl tape. This can't possibly be a brand-new product.

Is it alright if you have to pay for the shipping once it arrives?
Depending on the company the price and number of days it takes can differ, so I was wondering if there is any company you want me to use in particular?
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