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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] Originally, the word, "Buddha" in India are applied to Kanji, it was written ...

eveychua Translated by eveychua
Originally, the word, "Buddha" in India are applied to Kanji, it was written as Buddha, which was the beginning of "Buddha".
Though there are many sects in Buddhism, through Zen which is the realizes the "saving others and oneself" that is the same as Shakyamuni, it is also being called as zen where the pillar of helping others to the utmost is being flowed. Zen is the road of realization to "everything has already being saved" and it is a figure that has been realized
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 仏教には多くの宗派がありますが、坐禅を通して釈尊と同じように「自他ともに救われている」ことを自覚し、世の為人の為に尽くして行くことを眼目とする流 れが禅宗と呼ばれています。坐禅は「すべてのものは既に救われている」ということを自覚する道であり、 またそれが実現した姿であります。

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