Jinah Kim (zoey) 翻訳実績

Seoul, South Korea
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zoey 英語 → 日本語

When this wood choice is paired with the Rosewood fingerboard it brings out a mellow tone with an enhanced midrange that is often missing in instruments in this price point. C also comes stocked with die cast tuning machines geared 14/1 for easy tuning. If you have never played ukulele before get ready for a world of fun. uke is an addicting instrument that can and will be taken everywhere.

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zoey 英語 → 日本語

Oakley products serve consumers in more than 100 countries. We continue to redefine the limits of possibility with the power of CAD/CAM engineering, the precision of five axis Computer Numeric Control machining, and the passion to invent

The authenticity that made Oakley a global icon now inspires the heritage of Swiss watchmaking toward new possibilities. Genuine innovation brings New World technology to Old World craftsmanship in creativity that delivers the unexpected, and in art that turns instruments of performance into objects of desire

We create each timepiece by looking beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards, inspired by those who challenge all limits and measure life in fractions of a second


オークリー製品は100カ国以上の消費者にサービスを提供しています。我々は、CAD / CAMエンジニアリングの力、5軸コンピュータ数値制御加工の精度、および発明に対するする情熱と可能性の限界を再定義し続けています。



zoey 英語 → 日本語

Your response of "air mail" is insufficient. Please either provide a postage paid label electronically or indicate the exact way you would like me to return the item AND provide sufficient funds to process that return based on USPS.COM rates. I have no desire to front additional funds for this transaction.

Additionally, as I paid you almost immediately, I see no reason that that you should not refund my purchase and shipping funds immediately as well as this transaction issue is 100% vendor error. Please do so immediately.

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ベンダー誤の項目の取引へのあなたの "例外"はありがたいですが、その件に関しての購入者に好意を考えるべきではありません。

zoey 英語 → 日本語

With the shift in media consumption patterns, the Internet has allowed many online media outlets to start from a clean slate to disrupt the incumbents. Here’s an opportunity for journalist and writers to create world-class content on the internet and we’re already later than our American counterparts.

I personally think the work of Singapore’s technology publications like TechinAsia, e27 and SGE are important as their success would mean that future technology startups in Singapore can disseminate information at a regional level and gain a head start. I’m heartened that many are working on multi-lingual dissemination and local partnerships with regional markets to grow their readership base.



個人的に私は、TechinAsia, e27 and SGEのようなシンガポールの技術刊行物の仕事は彼らの成功と同じように重要だと思う。彼らの成功はシンガープルで未来の技術のスタートアップが地域レベルで情報を発信し、幸先の良いスタートを得ることができることを意味する。