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5年以上前 女性 40代
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setsuko-atarashi 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★☆ 4.0

We tested ink on left on the page for 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 week. When ink was left on the page for 2 months or more, the writing left behind a very subtle ghosting. You really have to be in good light and look very closely to notice it. It doesn't interfere with writing over it, future reusability, or scanning.

After ink is left on the page for 1 month or less, erasing was perfect and the page was pristine.

Dry ink cures great to the page and won't wipe off the page. Introduce some water (a moist towel is recommended), and it will wipe off easily and perfectly.

Absolutely. You can use the eraser on the Frixion pen to erase writing as you go.




そのとおりです。書きながらFrixion ペンの消しゴムを使って消せます。

setsuko-atarashi 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★☆ 4.0

Use the powers of a blue sky to help you through the day with the Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy. This light therapy lamp produces a 10,000 LUX light, designed to boost your mood and energy by mimicking the effects of a sunny sky. Meanwhile, negative ion therapy brings you the positive properties of nature's most calming scenes. The Sun Touch Plus emits a healing 17,000-Kelvin UV-free light, which is equivalent to blue sky light in North Pole. For added benefits, attach the Sun Touch Aroma Therapy Capsule (sold separately) to your Sun Touch Plus and allow the ion air outlet to dispense the fragrance and soothe your mood.


Sun Touch Plus Light とイオンセラピーで週日青い空の恵みの力を使って下さい。この光セラピーランプは晴天の空の効果に似せてムードとエネルギーを増大させるようにデザインされた10,000 LUX光を発光します。その間、ネガティブなイオンテラピーは自然の最も落ち着いた状態の積極的な特質をあなたにもたらします。Sun Touch Plusはヒーリング17,000-ケルビンUV-フリーライトを放射します。それは北極の青い空の光に相当します。相乗効果に関しては、サン・タッチ・アロマ・セラピー・キャプセル(別売り)をサン・タッチ・プラスにつけて香りを吹き出し口から放出させて気持ちを心地よくして下さい。

setsuko-atarashi 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★☆ 4.0

I paid doble the value of lens in May contry. If I give you back my prejudice will be even greater.
You sold a lens with fungus and you know it. The marks are very apparent on the fist lens.

Does the original len hood is attached?

Hello, it's been a long time now. I would void my 80 euros without delays. thank you

You said this lens has tarnish. Is the tarnish on the lens front or rear element . Does this tarnish affect quality of the picture?
And how much does is cost to ship to Kumamoto city (Japan?)

Ok I'm waiting. I'm sorry for you . Do you know what has become of the 'victor' camera?


私はMay contryのレンズに2倍の価格を支払いました。私の不利益を考えるともっと多くなります。