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Ancient Orient Museum's "Variety of Arts and Crafts in Ancient India" -- Cute animal clay figures, etc.

Sunshine City's Ancient Orient Museum (3, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo) on July 23 started "A Variety of Arts and Crafts in Ancient India."

*A zebu-like clay figure from the Indus civilization around 2000 BCE

The ancient Indian civilization involves the Gandhara arts and other works, an East-West fusion of Indus civilization Buddhism, which is represented by the Mohenjo-daro ruins, with Grecian sculpture. The civilization has influenced Japan as well in the form of Buddhism.

Patterns drawn to cover all corners of the surface of earthenware, various sculptures administered in Gandhara arts, and other arts are characterized by "merriness" and "vitality" of ancient India.

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Thanks for your response! I'm looking for this lens, but hoped to get a newer copy, like OW, OX ... I got one a week ago, but sold it to one of my photography fellow before he went on a safari trip. Newer ones like that sell for 4,200 - 4,400 here in the US as you can see if you check Sold items on eBay. Other unreasonable listings ($4,500 up) stay there forever, since people rarely buy them. I don't know if you're willing to lower your offer.

Did you received my email ? Requesting an extra picture for the made stamp the one that is inside of the bag with the zipper goes the thing is that the picture is very blurry and I just one to see it


お返事をありがとうございます!このレンズを探しているんですが、新しい製品、たとえば OW とか OX などがあればいいなと思っていたのです。一週間前に一つ手に入れたのですが、写真関係の友人の一人がサファリ旅行に出かける前に売ってしまったのです。それに似たものでもっと新しいものは、eBay にある「販売済」品目を見ればわかる通り、ここアメリカでは 4,200 - 4,400 ドルくらいです。他の無茶な値段のもの($4,500以上)の値段は、いつまでもそのままです。というのも、これを買う人はめったにいないからです。あなたがご自分の出品物件のお値段を下げるお気持ちがあるかどうかは、わかりませんけど。