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I have spoken with the audit team and they have received all the data and the assessment will be allocated out to a case worker in the next few days. They currently say within 15 days of receiving data it will be allocated (we sent the data on 8th February). Once allocated they work to a deadline of 1 month to be completed.

Unfortunately we don’t have much control over HMRC’s deadlines but as soon as it is allocated to a case worker I will keep calling them and make sure it is completed as quickly as possible.

Would you like us to send you our prices for a German registration? I have CC’d Jack, he can send you the details for when you are ready.





kimie 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★☆ 4.0

Thanks for your order. We will ship your LP by Standard Media Mail ($4.99) after receiving your payment. If you pay by Paypal, the name and the shipping address on your Paypal payment is where the order will be sent. Make sure any corrections, such as a different Name and ship to address are made in your Paypal account before you make your purchase. We will only ship to the name and address that is on your Paypal payment. Please read our shipping rates which explains our policy on refunding Paypal payments, for more details. Thanks again for your much appreciated business!



kimie 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★★ 5.0


I am sorry again that this shipment did not arrive as expected. Please allow us to assist in filing a claim. We need your assistance with providing supporting information. Please make sure your unique Suite Number and the Tracking Number of the shipment is listed on the label of each piece of supporting information. Please reply to this email with the information requested below:

Please provide documents in .pdf or.doc format and pictures in .gif or .jpeg format:

1. Copy of the merchant invoice or receipt(s) showing the purchase value.
-Label each receipt to correspond to the seller you bought the order from (Ex. Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Receipt From Amazon)


しゅんすけ こんにちは。


書類は .pdf または .doc 形式で画像については .gif または .jpeg 形式にてお願いします。

ーそれぞれの領収書にその注文を買った売主が呼応するよう明記(例えば スイート番号 2959-306 トラッキング番号 5984133411 Amazon からのレシート、 といった風に)

kimie 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★★ 5.0

2. Completed and signed Claim Form - attached
-Label the Claim Form “Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 MyUScom Claim Form”

3. Invoice: This can be retrieved from your account under History by selecting the Invoice of the shipment. You can copy this document into a Microsoft Word document and save it as .doc.
-Label the invoice “Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Invoice”

4. Proforma Invoice for your shipment. This can be retrieved from your account under History by selecting the Invoice of the shipment. Then select View Proforma Invoice. You can copy this document into a Microsoft Word document and save it as .doc.
-Label the invoice "Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Proforma Invoice”


2.請求様式記入と署名 ー 添付
ー 様式に “Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Invoice”とラベリング

3. 送り状: これは、あなたの アカウント内、履歴より該当の発送を選択いただくことで取得していただけます。ワード文書としてマイクロソフトのワードにコピーし、.doc で保存していただけます。
-送り状に “Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Invoice”とラベリング

4. ご注文の Proforma の送り状. あなたの アカウント内、履歴より該当の発送を選択いただくことで取得していただけます。そして View Proforma Invoice を選択してください。 ワード文書としてマイクロソフトのワードにコピーし、.doc で保存していただけます。
-送り状に "Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Proforma Invoice”とラベリング

kimie 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★★ 5.0

5. Photos of all the items you received
-Label each item to correspond to the seller and description on the Proforma Invoice (Ex. Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411Picture of Mobile Phone from Amazon)

6. Photos of the inside and outside of the box
-Label each photo to explain what angle of the box you are photographing (Ex. Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Photo of top of box)

Deadline: [DHL and UPS – 30 days of shipment. - 10 February

We will be able to submit the claim once all the supporting documentation is provided in the proper format. Please keep in mind that most claims are paid out within 5 days but it can take up to 30 days for resolution.

Thank you and we look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards,



5. 受け取った商品の写真全て
ーProforma の送り状に書かれている商品の詳細と、どの商品がどのセラー(売主)の物かをラベリング(明記)(例. Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411Picture of Mobile Phone from Amazon<アマゾンからの携帯電話の写真>)

6. 箱の内側と外側の写真
ーそれぞれの写真についてどの角度から撮影したのかの説明をラベリング(記入)してください。(例. Ste 2959-306 Trkg 5984133411 Photo of top of box<箱の上部の写真>)

締め切り: [DHL と UPS – 発送から30日。 - 2月10日





kimie 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★☆ 4.0

I hope you are well.
Thanks for your new order, before I proceed I need to clarify about coating. Recently Max2 has upgraded coating to a new packaging and new brushes, I’m sending here with attached image for your reference.

Type-A Coating comes with Mascara brush
Type-B coating comes with Lip brush

please check which type you prefer.

Thank you for your information on the Tweezer, I would love to try the tweezer in both high and regular quality, I need to find a suitable tweezers for our market.

As for the glue you provide, the Korea Glue is more suitable for the technique we do here, can you give me price fro this? Thanks!

With Best Regards
Willy Chen


新しいご注文、ありがとうございます。作業を進める前にコーティングについてご確認させていただく必要があります。最近 Max2 はコーティングを新しいパッケージと新しいブラシにアップグレードしました。ご参照いただく為の添付資料も同送させていただいております。

Type-A コーティングはマスカラブラシ付きです。
Type-B コーティングはリップブラシ付きです。


Tweezer についての情報をありがとうございました。ハイクオリティーとレギュラー、両 tweezer について是非試してみたく思います。我々の市場にあった tweezers を検討せねばなりません。


Willy Chen (ウィリー・チェン)

kimie 英語 → 日本語 ★★★★☆ 4.0

1. I wanted to describe my working process. Usually I make sketches first and agree them with client. Then making them in color. I would like to receive most corrections and edits on sketch stage, as when it's in color it's harder to edit pieces and takes more time.... of course color edits are left for coloring stage.
Also I'd like to ask to make a project with 2 milestones :
☼ - when all the sketches are agreed - 30% - from the whole agreed cost
☼ - when the whole book is done.
Is it alright?

2. I was happy to receive your reply but by that time already planned 1 week of vacations in the end of September. Is it okay for me to have a week off or the project is urgent and I should postpone it?


☼ - スケッチについて了承頂けた時点 - 30% - 予定された報酬全体より
☼ - 本の全体が終了した時点。