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Knocker uppers would sometimes also use ‘snuffer outers’ (these names are sounding fairly obvious) to extinguish streetlights that were lit at dusk and needed to be put out at dawn.
Some knocker-uppers even used pea shooters to wake people up, blowing peas at windows in order to make enough noise to wake someone up.

They would be paid a few pence each week and wouldn’t leave their client’s windows until they were sure they were awake.

The job was usually done by elderly men and women—but sometimes police officers on duty would also do the job on their morning shifts for extra pay.
It’s interesting to think that less than 200 years ago, there was an entire job dedicated to waking people up.





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Daniel hates Alan because he considers Alan a thief and a miser who set him back years of his life by stealing his inheritance. Alan, on the other hand, straight up lacks any morality and compassion because despite everything he did, he said, directly quoted, on TV,

“My son has a great deal of resentment towards me and I don’t know why.”

In the end, Gordon Ramsay manages to convince Alan and his wife Gen to settle on a stable menu and set his business temporarily back on track.

Happy ending, right?


Because despite Chef Ramsay’s help and promotion, Alan Saffron still managed to run his $500k business into the ground less than a year later.






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and it’s little wonder that Glass failed to turn the tech world on its head.

It was a product at a questionable price- It initially provided only two services-
To scroll through internet
To quickly take pictures
But that too, with a two to three hour battery life there was no way Google Glass could compete with faster processors and superior cameras.

The failure of Google Glass was due to the lack of clarity on why this product existed.

Hence, it was the bad timing responsible for its downfall, as had the creators been a little frank to validate what the product could serve, and would keep their assumptions of people able to know all of it on their own, this innovation could’ve been a hit.







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All-New Design. The Indoor Survey app has been completely redesigned to make surveying your indoor space faster and easier.

Survey Workflow. Track your progress through each step as you survey your space, upload, and test positioning.

Add Map Notes. You can now use simple drawing tools to place notes on the map and flag issues.

Improved Feedback. Survey processing will suggest ways to improve your surveys to ensure you get the best possible indoor positioning.

Supports IMDF. The Indoor Survey app now supports the Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF), a full featured model designed specifically for indoor location.